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Pratapgarh Fort

Yuvan Kumar
Next day morning we started for little trekking at Prathapgad Fort. We had to climb high walking-walking finally we reached the place. It was a eye-catching view of complete fort. we can get below view from the opposite side when trek through the top.
Sushma Neeraj
Pratapgad is a hill fort in Maharashtra. Situated close to the famous hill station of Mahabaleshwar in the district of Satara, the citadel rises to an elevation of about 3500 feet from the ground. Much of the fortifications are still intact, and the fort is a popular tourist destination. There are four lakes within the fort, many of which overflow during the monsoons. There is a watchtower just beside the Mahadarwaza, or the main entrance, at the end of the motor-able road. There is a statue of Shivaji Maharaj in his full glory, which was installed about 60 years ago. There is a Bhawani temple at the top of the fort, and a cultural library showcasing the heritage of the fort. There is a handicrafts center en route to Pratapgad from the base village, which draws a lot of tourists.
Adarsh Srivastava
Discovering historical places to learn about the truth and beauty of a country has interested me for years. As I was a new resident of the lovely city of Pune, my friends and colleagues suggested me to visit the famous Pratapgad Fort. Located in the Satara District of Maharashtra, this hotspot had witnessed the well-known Battle of Pratapgad, fought between Maharaja Shivaji and Afzal Khan. The fort was built to defend the banks of River Nira, River Koyna and the Par Pass. The saffron flag at the fort proudly indicates the reign of the Maharaja Shivaji-led Maratha Empire in the bygone days. Lying at a distance of 140 kilometres from Pune and a height of 1080 metres above sea level, the Pratapgad Fort was everything a traveller can expect from a ‘fort’. The majestic and imposing structure of this monument was simply awe-inspiring. The outstanding scenery you get to see from the top of this fort is mind-blowing, to say the least. The best time to visit the Pratapgad Fort is post the monsoons! The cool breeze accompanied with lush surrounding greenery will win your heart. Enjoy the bird’s eye view of two beautiful Indian villages as well.
Azad Jadhav
Pratapgad literally 'Valour Fort' is a large fort located in Satara district, in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra. Significant as the site of the Battle of Pratapgad, the fort is now a popular tourist destination. Scene while heading towards Pratapgad.