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Malshej Ghat

It is a mountain pass located in the Western Ghats in Pune. A drive through these roads should rejuvenate your senses.
Nikhil Bodhale
Kalu Cha Ogh.Before I heard this name, I had Turned a Professional Trekker, I had the eager Carving, the Desire to Explore more or know the New Places.In Trekking I had made many friends, in one conversation I heard Kalu Waterfalls, the name sounded different and attracted me.I started my work of getting information. As this place was less known, I just got below infoi ) It's Somewhere in Malshej Ghatii ) It Starts from MTDC Malshejiii ) It's in Old Trade Route of Malshej called Ganesh Ghat.I felt the above info was sufficientAs I told above, I had turned Professional Trekker and had the attitude of Let's Do it.So made plan to do it coming weekend.We were 5 people, mode of Transport was carLocation - Malshej MTDC.We left Pune early morning at around 6.30am, but the location being bit far and Road condition was very bad so it took 5 hrs to reach MTDC Malshej (we had breakfast on the way and had carried Junk food as Lunch)As soon as we reached MTDC, we parked our car there and started inquiry of Ganesh Ghat, many people didn't know about it, but the MTDC watchman was our source of information, he took me to the place behind MTDC and just showed me the path way and asked me just to follow it, till I reach the Ganesh Ghat, which had the old rocky steps and Ganesh Murti ok the Mountain.And we began on our way, soon we came to the place where it was same as he told, the old Rocky steps and Lord Ganesh Murti, I got confidence as we were on the right direction.From there it was all Rocky patch and bit slippery, so care is must.On the way we came across small small beautiful Waterfalls, we spent time in playing and clicking pics in Waterfall.It was all descending through the rocky patches and the dense forest. In between it was raining and we enjoyed descending.It took around 3hrs to descend the Ganesh Ghat. As soon as we descended we came across a road which had right diversion.I just thought and my 6th sense asked me to take right diversion as I felt the straight road will take me to Tithbi village.We went as per my 6th Sense and soon got the first view of mighty Kalu Waterfalls.The waterfall is of River Kalu which originates from Harishchandra Gad, this waterfall is hidden in the big valley.This view is just amazing and beyond imagination.We went ahead, but as it was Rainy season and flow of river was high, due to which we couldn't reach the bottom of Waterfalls.We enjoyed and Played in river.It was already 5pm and my mind was clicking to move as it was getting late.We came to the point from where we had taken right diversion, I saw the time, it was already 5.30pm and again to ascend towards MTDC would definitely take 4 hrs.We decided not to ascend and move towards Tithbi village where we could get assistance to reach our car.On the way we came across a hotel Tithbi forest. We got fresh and took some rest and there we did the deal with hotel and asked them to leave us to our car which was parked near MTDC Malshej.The deal costed us 300/head which was bit higher, but we all agreed as it was getting late.It was around 18km by road we reached our car. We started our return journey and reached home by around 11pm.Had splendid trek It's must do trek in Rainy season and should be in Trekking list of every Trekker.Finally there are 2 ways to reach this place.i ) Through Ganesh Ghat from MTDC Malshejii ) Through Tithbi village ( easiest way)I feel rather that going through Tithbi village one should reach here through Ganesh Ghat, do the trek then only you can understand and feel the value of Kalu Waterfalls. Here you can make memories in small Waterfalls and dense forest while descending.If you go through Tithbi village then it's easy and just a waterfall nothing more to remember.Best time to reach is Rainy season,Mid to end of Sept
Patrick Rajput
A mountain pass with cascade waterfalls, hanging valleys having fresh breeze roll on with the zigzag course.
Waterfall No.4 - Malshej GhatThe perfect place for a nice quite long drive in the Monsoon season....Just after July there are multiple waterfalls right on the road. Just step out of your car and enjoy the falls.  Its only 2 hours away from Mumbai. Endure you wear quick dry cloths as there is no place to change if you choose to take a dip in these waterfalls. There is one Hotel at the end of the road which is maintained by MTDC. Hence there is no place to stay around here. If you are bored sitting home on a weekend then this is the best place to be.How To Reach - You need to either drive your own car or hire a Ola Outstation for a single day. This place is perfect for a long drive only. The road that goes out from Kalyan Takes you to Malshej Ghat. It around 130 kms away from Mumbai How Much Time- It takes 2 to 2 and half hours to reach Malshej. You can easily spend one - two ours in the various waterfalls along the road and be back by the evening. What To Do- Hike up the falls, Click lots of pictures, Enjoy the long drive and have hot maggie and bhutta at the roadside shacks. Its s perfect family gateway place. 
Rahul Shetti
The ride to Marlshej Ghat is one of the best routes to behold in Maharashtra. One with beautiful scenary to streams to lush green fields and heaven. The best part of the journey was that, there was no one around. This either would scare some, but not me. I love being to places which have not been explored. However, after enjoying the view, the rainfall and clicking some pictures, I was scared. WHY?? My fuel level was low, and there was no network to check the nearest fuel station. I thought of a lot and decided to continue on the path. Finally, i reached the main road and the network was back. I checked the fuel station, it was about 20 kms the other way from Marlshej Ghat. Again, I had to decide whether to head to Marlshej Ghat or head back to the fuel station. Since it was already 4 pm and a round trip to the fuel station means by the time I reach the ghat, it would be dark. I saud chuck it, lets go for it. If fuel gets over, will figure out a way to reach the nearest fuel station. I started my journey towards Marlshej Ghat. The higher I rode, the view was getting more and more beautiful. It was a beautiful feeling. Reached the Marlshej Ghat view point, since it was foggy couldn't see anything. However, the moment was worthwhile. Had the favorite rainy food - Makha (Corn) and a cup of tie in a while. After spending some time, I started my journey back to Mumbai. Filled up some water on the way from waterfall and continued the journey. Luckily, i reached duel station without any hustle. Day well spent, a dull Sunday made memorable.Follow my story. Connect for more rides in the future, obviously after Lockdown 😉
Tanisha Guin
It poured a bit and then came thrashing down presenting us with some panoramic views of multiple waterfalls, foggy pathways, explicit landscapes, and some solitude.