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Malshej Ghat

It is a mountain pass located in the Western Ghats in Pune. A drive through these roads should rejuvenate your senses.
Neha Bhise Sadalge
Located 700 m above sea level, Malshej Ghat in Maharashtra is a popular destination everyone looks forward to visiting every monsoon. However, following a major landslide last week, the government has decided to impose a temporary ban on tourists for this spot of the Sahyadris. Although the incident had no causalities, the landslide ended up blocking one side of the road.Following this, the Indian Meteorological Department issued an alert for other parts of the Sahyadri Ghats including areas like Khandala, Lonavla, sections of the Mumbai-Pune expressway and Malshej Ghat. This ban further also extends to the districts of Ganesh Leni, Padale Dam and Siddhagad on both sides of the Ghat.
Ritika Tyagi
We crossed a small tunnel after few km of the drive towards Mumbai aspect. It changed into a lush green mountain meeting the white clouds. You can see many waterfalls to your left. There are plenty of natural waterfalls along the mountains which come straight directly to the road. The fine component for me became using thru a huge waterfall - the complete revel in of being in a car even as it goes through a massive waterfall is thrilling. As we have been at high altitude, the clouds were on the street and this revel in which I love - passing through the clouds. We spend a while round few small waterfalls and had tasty vada pav within the Ghat facet meals stalls.
Adwita Pant
4. Malshej Ghat, MaharashtraLiving in Mumbai, I can empathize with people slogging their butts all day through the weekdays and doing laundry or other household chores through the weekends. This city for sure never sleeps! More reasons to not wait for a long weekend to plan that fancy trip. Take any road going away from Mumbai and within an hour (start really early though!), you’ll be breathing the freshest air around!Malshej Ghat is one of the many easy-drive options from Mumbai, which are perfect for a weekend trip. The drive takes around 3 hours and will give you the most beautiful view of the Western Ghats - Konkan countryside at its best!You may not find too many fancy stay options - a couple of good resorts around are perpetually sold out. However, the home stays or camping options have a different charm completely. There is nothing better than setting up a tent with the lake on one side and shoulder high millet-crop farm on the other!Monsoon is generally the best time to visit this place as you get to drive through a 50 shades of green paradise, the lake is full and there are tiny, but gorgeous, waterfalls all around. However, since it is far, far away from the city noise – you can head there whenever you need a quick break from civilization (and network!) – alone or with a few close friends. Don’t forget to pack those board-games!
Ragini Mehra
4. Drive to the stunning Malshej Ghat:I call this gem in the Western Ghats stunning for reasons more than one. Long winding roads, tunnels, meandering streams and the mist covered hills make the 4-hour journey super exciting. And once you’re there, you’ll notice that the hill station is dotted with pretty lakes, waterfalls, nature trails and the much loved migratory flamingos that are a common sight here during monsoon.In case you plan to just drive around and return to Mumbai the same day, Malshej Ghat’s idyllic landscape will surely convince you to stay back for a while.
Gary sequeira
There are many weekend getaway if you are in Mumbai. one of such is Malshej Ghat.Malshej Ghat is a must visit place in monsoon season . An 2–3 hours journey from Mumbai with amazing roads. I visited malshej ghat this monsoon, It is an incredible roadway with astonishing huge mountain scapes and in monsoons the climate is very pleasing with cold breeze . you will come across numerous waterfalls along the way on malshej ghat. you can even get to see Reverse waterfall.We started our journey from Thane around 7 am, We were 5 friends in the car and divided the cost for petrol which accounted to 250/- PP.Below are few pictures i clicked on my travel during monsoon 2017.