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Malshej Ghat

It is a mountain pass located in the Western Ghats in Pune. A drive through these roads should rejuvenate your senses.
Gary sequeira
There are many weekend getaway if you are in Mumbai. one of such is Malshej Ghat.Malshej Ghat is a must visit place in monsoon season . An 2–3 hours journey from Mumbai with amazing roads. I visited malshej ghat this monsoon, It is an incredible roadway with astonishing huge mountain scapes and in monsoons the climate is very pleasing with cold breeze . you will come across numerous waterfalls along the way on malshej ghat. you can even get to see Reverse waterfall.We started our journey from Thane around 7 am, We were 5 friends in the car and divided the cost for petrol which accounted to 250/- PP.Below are few pictures i clicked on my travel during monsoon 2017.
Tanisha Guin
Malshej Ghats, MaharashtraIt poured a bit and then came thrashing down presenting us with some panoramic views of multiple waterfalls, foggy pathways, explicit landscapes, and some solitude.
Jagan Nadar
There are a lot of beautiful places in the world. But those beautiful places has different beautiful faces. This is what I found during my recent ride to Malshej ghat. It hardly 120km from mumbai and this place looks too too too beautiful during monsoon. But I have been to this place during autumn. After doing a lot of ride for which we had to pass through lonavala, one of my friends suggested this time we will choose a place for which there no need to go through lonavala. Other friend suggest Malshej. I was a bit reluctant in the beginning, as I was not aware how this place would be in summer though it looks awesome during monsoon. Thought of giving it a chance and believe me it was the most smoothest ride I have ever done. The day was fixed but obvious it was a Sunday and it was planned that we would leave early so that we can ride back by evening. And you all know there no word as early in Sunday. We were late not much but by an hour of our decided time. We planned were to assemble and we met at the decided place and our ride started. The road were absolute beauty were we could easily cruise at 100-110 + kmph. We didn't even get a single pothole or rough patch. We took the bhiwandi- asangaon-murbad route without getting inside kalyan. Enroute We stopped at a hotel called Shiv sagar few kilometers before a toll naka which leads to Shahpur for breakfast. The food served was really good, especially the filter coffee. We continued our ride, till Shahpur it was a good 4 Lane neatly laid highway. Then we entered the murbad route. Even this road was too good with the landscape and it went through villages at certain places. This was a kind of single lane road but one could easily ride at 100kmph. Overall the whole route was so scenic that we had to halt at many places to click some photos. After a number of photo stops we reached the tip of the Malshej ghat. The mountains here reminded me about my solo ladakh ride as some part resembled exactly the same. The view from the top was too good. We sat down there for sometime and had some refreshments and of course some photo shoot. As we had to return before evening, we started our ride back. On the way found one person selling cashew fruits. So brought some for me. Even while returning we halted at few places to click some photos and to check fellow riders are in track with us. By 5pm we were back which was 3hrs more than our calculated time. But we really spent a quality time which will be a part of our memory forever and ever.
Malshej Ghat (माळशेज घाट) is a heaven abode full of natural beauty With uncountable number of waterfalls to beautifully structured dams and steep, lofty forts, the ghat is a perfect place for nature lovers delight. The 5Km long Pimpalgaon Joga Dam built over the mesmerizing Pushpawati River and particularly known for flamingoes this is one of the main attractions in Malshej Ghat.&t=4s
Beauty of this place is just breathless. Waterfalls all round and so many colors of green will just remind you of "Hulk" (jokingly). Air is amazingly fresh and good to take in. One will literally drive into the clouds and touch them, feel the little drops of water touch you and lift you to completely next zone. Kudos to the ST bus drivers who transport people via this route. It's very much prone to land slides and water gushing over the roads. Nature at it's best and we don't do justice to the place, by parking cars on road sides (instead of designated parking spots), cross the roads without giving head to traffic, eat own stuff or stuff sold by sellers on the route (throw the waste on road assuming it will be cleaned) .The drive though was peaceful once i crossed Bhiwandi and onto the Nashik highway. (i still don't understand why toll is collected in Mumbai area roads are bad, infra is pathetic). Series of straights and winding roads through some of really good agricultural land lead me to Malshej ghat.From start of the ghat till the very top you will see unruly people parking their cars on road sides and enjoying the waterfalls besides the road. Best thing about Malshej is you don't need to wander off to find a good waterfall as it gives you various kinds of waterfalls and it seems like a "buffet of waterfalls" is being served.
Neha Makdey
Charu Srivastava
Having five days a week working and being an avid traveller, I always look  forward to weekend to explore new places.  Against my basic instinct, I didn’t go out on Saturday but I had to go on Sunday since I am not the one who can be hooked at home when there is every opportunity to go out. Due to one day in hand, I thought of exploring Malshej – a mountain pass in the western ghats range of  pune district in the state of Maharastra.This place can be reached through Thane and Kalyan from Mumbai. It is about 60 Kms from Kalyan and 130 km from Mumbai. There are numerous state buses which goes to Malshej ghats. By Car, it takes  three hours to reach depending that you keep your blinkers on and don't stop at numerous Dhaba's which make you salivate and gives you a gastronomic high!!.Expecting it to be like any other hill pass and at the same time not being much talked about, I didn’t foster any high hopes. But to my amazement , road from Kalyan to Malshej is well maintained(stress free driving) and the topography is awesome,  added benefit being less crowed,  serene and picturesque. There are various waterfalls, big and small , we enjoyed bathing under them( Carry extra pair of clothes) . There are numerous viewpoints with breathtaking  view  and fills with joy and delight. There is a saying “a thing of beauty is joy forever”.Monsoon season is best time to visit because the weather gets pleasantly cool and when you experience such weather afteroffbeat humidity of Mumbai, it takes you to  some different level of awesomeness. There is a vast and clean lake which makes the place more scenic. Pimpalgaon Joga Dam is also one of the attractions.If  planning to stay overnight one can consider  Flamingo Hill , a resort run by MTDC – Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation and few private resorts (near the dam) . Eating options are very limited but you can enjoy Maggie, roasted corn, boiled corn, vada pao , boiled egg, scrambled egg, omlettle  and of course tea and coldrinks on the road side (I did eat all this, no exaggeration)  After spending good 3-4 hours we were Mumbai bound again. It was short and refreshing trip. One must experience it.Signing off to explore other beauties in the hinterland of Maharashtra
Malshej Ghat
9th July was the date when i decided to finally get onto four wheels and drive off to an undecided location with my beast all tanked up and ready for yet another adventure / thrilling / scenic drives.It wasn't raining heavily and clouds seemed to have given us respite in Mumbai. It was apt time to get out and drive hoping to get lesser traffic and mesmerize my eyes with the beauty that beholds in onset of monsoons and i wasn't left disheartened. Amazing landscape encountered during the whole drive.Route taken:- Panvel - Asangaon - Malshej and back (160km one way) there are many different routes one can take. I choose for this specific route as i had to get delivery of my SLR and also pick up some things from decathlon. The drive started at around 10 in morning (which was a very bad idea) and i got stuck in traffic all through the drive till Kalyan phata. Management of traffic on this route is pathetic and kills all the fun one may have planned. Road conditions on few patches pathetic (near Biwandi crossing, near Kalyan phata, village road SH222 has few patches, Malshej ghat road). If someone wants to drive please hire a self drive car or maybe travel locally as the road condition on the ghat is not good, lot of bad potholes and visibility at peak of rains is almost nill.
Omkar Joshi
Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range in the Pune district of Maharashtra, India. The site is nestled in the lofty rugged hills of the Western Ghats
Malshej Ghat is a quaint mountain pass in the western ghats
Antriksh Goel
Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range in the Pune district. Malshej Ghat is known for several types of avian population and particularly known for flamingoes. We camped there for the night on the banks of Pimpalgaon Joga Dam near the MTDC resort. Campsite: 19°20'00.9"N 73°48'52.2"E
Shreya Bhargava Garg
Visit during the monsoons..A must !
Priyanka Telang
amazing place for a weekend away. peaceful and serene
Sanket Dhume
Our planned destination happened to be the scenic Malshej Ghat (supposedly one of the most beautiful waterfalls around the region).