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Cameron Highlands

Rachita Saxena
4. Cameron Highland
Rachita Saxena
For our second day, we had booked an early tour of Cameron Highland which included a walk in the Mossy Forest, visit to a Strawberry Farm, visit to Boh Tea Plantation, visit to a local tea farm, climbing mount brinchang, and exploring the rose garden.The entire tour was of 6-7 hours and cost around 750 INR per person. So, we started early around 7 a.m. and covered all the mentioned points.
Rachita Saxena
We had booked a bus to Cameron Highland for the next morning for 700 INR. They picked us up from our hostel and we reached Cameron Highland in the afternoon, by 2-3 p.m.Since it was late, we couldn't take the Cameron highland tour that day but we booked one for the next day. On our first day here, we simply roamed around the hill station and walked as far as possible.
Vaibhav Annam
One of my favourite places in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands are highlands located 200 kms north of Kuala Lumpur and famous for cool weather, orchards, forest, tea gardens, waterfalls and streams. This hill station is also famous for numerous treks. Owing to weather conditions, some of them might be closed. So please be careful while embarking on one. I took Route Number 10 – a trek through dense forest area ending on top of Gunung Jasar. The trek starts from behind Oly Apartment.
Anoop Jain
We decided to go to the Cameron Highlands. We started this day very very late as we were really tired after a long travel and walk at the Langkawi. We literally started only after lunch. We drove to the top from Penang. It took us almost a couple of hours. And the worst thing was all shops and attractions close early there but we anyway decided to give it a shot.