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Gelugor Penang Malaysia

The food in George Town accompanied by the street art that is around this place is amazing. There is trishaw around town so you can hop on for a 2.5 hour ride at $40 around and the trishaw man would guide you through and bring you to different art pieces. However, I prefer walking through town and discovering every little piece the place has to offer. The food in George town is also amazing. The Penang Laksa is a must try, the sourness of the gravy is really good. I think the coconut Ice-cream is now a very popular food around Asia, the glutinous rice is so yummy I think I can eat another 3 of it.
Visited Jalan Penang and had dinner al fresco on the street
Cristina Luisa
In Malaysia, you get ICE CREAM men who sell ice cream on motorbikes. The freezer sits atop his bike and he rings a bell as he rides around the estate. Some interesting flavours you will get include purple yam (also known as taro), durian (dubbed the King of Fruits), corn and Neapolitan (a three-layer chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavour). These ice creams are either served in wafer cones or squashed in between lightly coloured bread like a sandwich. I’m glad these ice cream “uncles”, as we call them, still exist today. In fact, here’s a picture of a cousin and me taken just last year outside our grandma’s house in Gelugor