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George Town

Shilpa Srinivas
In 2012, as part of the annual George Town Festival, Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic created a series of wall murals depicting local culture, inhabitants, and lifestyles. They now stand as celebrated cultural landmarks of George Town, with Children on a Bicycle becoming one of the most photographed spots in the city. Since then, the street art scene has blossomed. Be sure it is impossible to cover all of the street art in a few hours or days time. That is the beauty of it, meaning you’re more likely to not come across all the murals as finding them is like playing a game of ‘Treasure Hunt’.
Poonam Kanyal
Moses Christopher
Travelling in PenangI stayed in Penang for about 4 days made so many friends there, it's a great place known for Street Art, Sea Food, Ice Kacang.I hired a bicycle in George Town to just travel within the city and explore the street art.
Ahmar Syed
We ate our free breakfast which was basically bread and different spreads like peanut butter, blueberry jam etc. Hostel was quite comfortable, quite and calm. With clean Toilets and Showers. We got out rented a scooter which you can get for ₹500-550 a day without any hassles of international driving licence or anything. We went to the main areas in the afternoon, the famous wall murals, the fort, beach and enjoyed local and indian food as there is considerable amount of Indian Tamil population in Malaysia all across. In the evening we were just exploring the place without any specific plan and just kept driving into the town, the roads were beautiful and we ended at some sort of uphill trekking gate ( Moon Gate- to go up the Penang Hill) We ended up trekking up to the top as the local people said that the we would be able to see the entire Island from the top. ( 1 hour climbing stairs through trees! That too in denims! It was tough! XD ) The view from the top was gorgeous and people at the top were serving Coffee and tea along with biscuits! The natural beauty of the place was unmatchable. We could see the artificial islands from a spot there, it was a breathtaking view. We returned back to our hostel's area and explored the area around it in the night. There is a lot of streetfood in Malaysia. A lot of barbeque - Shrimps, prawns, Kebabs and a lot of tea and Pancakes! Burgers and fruit juices are cheap too. You can easily eat a meal for 7-8 Ringgits. Highlights of the day was renting a scooter so as we could go whenever and wherever we wanted! 🛵
Ahmar Syed
A little backdrop to the trip ⬇️⬇️⬇️Sitting in a free period in my college hours I came across this Insane airfare (Air Asia) which was just ₹6500 (with return ticket) , I quickly called up a cousin who is elder to me and booked both of our tickets later that night.  ( I'll give a brief breakdown of the entire expenditure which was 20k including the flight and visa of the entire trip at the end of the blog) Cut to December 20 early morning we land at Kuala Lumpur ( KLIA2) We took a bus shuttle service to TBS. From TBS we took a bus shuttle to Penang bus station, to reach Georgetown we had to take help for a Japanese guy who booked us a uber!Penang - it's an island off the coast of Malaysia 4-5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. The Butterworth ferry can be used to enter the Island. The main attraction being the Gorgeous Georgetown - a colonial town with mixed architecture of Colonial era and modern day. Gorgeous townships and serene environment. The old part of the city is full of wall paintings and monuments from the 19th Century. We roamed around the city in the evening and went back to our hostel to rest so as we could have a head start the next day! We booked a hostel for just ₹500/day  through along with other formalities like Visa which is also available online!