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Himani Khatreja
Sarawak, Malaysia
Ragini Puri
Pristine secluded beaches, panoramic shoreline dotted with beautiful rocky formations, winding trekking trails and a wide variety of vegetation - Baku National Park boasts of these and more. However, this park's biggest attraction is a special monkey. Besides these long-nosed monkeys, the park is also a fascinating place for bird-watchers and wildlife fans - with over 150 species of birds and a host of other animals species! How can I miss the magnificent Mulu National Park! Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000, this park is famous for its spectacular natural treasures - world's largest limestone cave system, rugged karst mountains, stunning limestone pinnacles, and an overwhelmingly diverse variety of flora and fauna.
Junior Hogan
The Eco-tourism haven for Malaysia and the largest state which is located on the island of Borneo, this is a mecca for wildlife and nature lovers. Over 20 national parks are available here while jungle trekking is one of the popular activities. Exploring and visiting the ethnic people of Sarawak who stay in the interiors of the rainforest or highlands is another popular activity. Sarawak is also home to some world-class music festivals like the Borneo International Jazz Festival 2014 which takes place in Miri in the month of May and the World Rainforest Music Festival 2014 which takes place at the 'Living Museum' of Sarawak Cultural Village in July. Another popular must-do is exploring Kuching city on foot. There are numerous antique and craft dealers located along the Main Street Bazaar while other place offer fantastic local Sarawakian food to try. Visit some of the old coffee shops for a cup of coffee or tea while a number of interesting museums are dotted around the main town area.The Kuching International Airport is the main gateway here while there are other smaller airports throughout the state. Overland transport can take long hours therefore if you are planning to go to Mulu, it is advised to take a flight.