Malpe Fishing Harbour 1/1 by Tripoto

Malpe Fishing Harbour

Rahul Raghunath
The fishing harbor was a delight. The place was colorful and active, as opposed to the sleepy city. All the boats masted flying flags and beautiful graffiti. They coordinated incredibly well with each other and it was a delight to watch them at work. They seemed like machines from having done this every day of their lives. The dock yard had a fishy smell but not the kind that is revolting but rather that of the sea. The bustling harbor was a shock as compared to the still awakening city. The locals were friendly and showed us around all the way to the ship building yard. The shipping hard had an ongoing project and we got to see a massive ocean liner being constructed. The engineers joined us for cigarettes and were happy to engage in conversation and gave us a detailed insight into not only the shipping industry but also the local food joints and a bunch of must-see's.