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December - February
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Surathkal Beach

Isha Sahib
Surathkal Beach : This beach is again very calm and less crowded. You can not go inside the water. As the rule of any beach follow the life guard instructions. The main attraction is the 360 degree view of the sea from light house which opens between 4:00 -5:oo pm and the entry ticket costs Rs 10.If you want to soothe your eyes and nourish your mind the view from top is the view to die for.
priyanka kakade
What i loved about Surathkal beach is it is little away from main road and you to walk through beautiful roads surrouded by huge trees and local houses . Another because it is less crowded than Kapu beach and very clean than it . There are huge rocks around the shore and has big Lighthouse .The sunset from Surathkal beach was one the most beautiful experience i had and you must witness it . The lighthouse is situated on a rocky hillock and offers an uninterrupted view of the countryside and sea around. The lighthouse is open to visitors between 4.00 pm and 5 pm. Climbing floors is ok but from last floor to exit door at top is slightly difficult as it is rarely inclined and you have to climb up straight up though narrow ladder.You have to first buy tickets to go on Lighthouse and guard will allow you to be there for hardly 10-15 mins . But we could manage to fool him as we was pointing on us only to get down so we keep on going round and round and taking pictures.View from lighthouse will make your jaw drop and eyes wide and you will not want to go back . but due to time limit we got down and had amazing Manglorian tea at local tea stall in heavy rain. It was another great experience i had .While returning from Surathkal , we packed dinner for us and we headed back to our place around 9 pm .