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Manikaran Gurudwara

Mahesh Maddala
"Manikaran Gurudwara, located in the small town of Manikaran, is one of the most prominent places of worship for Sikhs.On a visit to this holy site, do not forget to savor the sacred langar and take dips in the pious hot water springs, which are famed for their healing properties."
Vasireddy Gowtham
Still remember the beautiful thin crust pizzas we had at Kasol (dont remember the name of the cafe though) for dinner. We waited for the town to sleep and set out in search of a clear view for star gazing. Again, we wandered around Kasol, enjoying the company of the bright stars and the gushing river, before were off for the day.The Tosh High!
Abhigya S
Manikaran is a happy distraction from the usual Kasol vibe, there's a divine connection felt while you explore the thermal caves and take a dip in the natural hot water spring. Do notmiss out on the mouth-watering langar at the gurudwara.
Pooja Yadav
I came back than visited Gurudwara Manikaran. Trust me the food of the Langar is the best specially the Curry, I had two big bowls:) . It was 4:20 in the evening I came back to the hotel. And my group was also returned from the trekking and we left to our next destination. The experience of that day will always be with me. The fragrance, the energy and memories will always be in me. Dear Friends, world is so big and beautiful but time is less. Go find your place, try to listen your heart, It will show you the right way always. Go meet the new people, make friends, and collect memories. It will make you refresh throughout your life. This post was originally published on Pooja The Wonderer.
Nikhil Talwar
Manikaran is a pilgrimage centre for Hindus and Sikhs. The Hindus believe that Manu recreated human life in Manikaran after the flood, making it a sacred area. It has many temples and a gurudwara. There are temples of the Hindu deities Rama, Krishna, and Vishnu. The area is well known for its hot springs and its beautiful landscape.According to legend, when the Hindu God Shiva and his consort Parvati were walking in the valley, Parvati dropped one of her earrings. The jewel was seized by Shesha, the serpent deity, who then disappeared into the earth with it. Shesha only surrendered the jewel when Shiva performed the cosmic dance, the Tandava and shot the jewel up through the water. Apparently, jewels continued to be thrown up in the waters at Manikaran until the earthquake of 1905.