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Manikaran is a pilgrimage centre for Hindus and Sikhs....

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Thus Manikaran means jewel of the ear....

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Manikaran, Manali 175105
I came back than visited Gurudwara Manikaran. Trust me the food of the Langar is the best specially the Curry, I had two big bowls:) . It was 4:20 in the evening I came back to the hotel. And my group was also returned from the trekking and we left to our next destination. The experience of that day will always be with me. The fragrance, the energy and memories will always be in me. Dear Friends, world is so big and beautiful but time is less. Go find your place, try to listen your heart, It will show you the right way always. Go meet the new people, make friends, and collect memories. It will make you refresh throughout your life. This post was originally published on Pooja The Wonderer.
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Hot Water Spring Path, Manikaran

About Manikaran

Manikaran is a lovely forest and a valley that lies close to the Parvati River. According to the legend it is said that the Shiva and Parvati once lived here. The goddess Parvati, when she lost the earrings that she had in the Parvati River, it is said that the earrings were searched and it was found in the positon of Shesh Nag, which is the snake god. Shesh Nag, the snake God then snorted out the earrings and thus creating the hot springs of Manikaran. The waters of the hot spring is allows one to cook food on them and is also believe that the waters are so pure that it can cure ailments.

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