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Disneyland Park

Richa Ingle Deo
All smiles for a train ride in Disney Land
This is was indeed the most awaited part of my trip. I was super thrilled because I was visiting it for the first time. I always had this wish to visit the Paris Disneyland after Hong-kong and it was special because I visited it with my most special person who is my husband.
I also came to know interesting facts about Louvre. Louvre happens to be the world's biggest museum of the world.Today the Louvre Museum is the world’s most visited museum, averaging 15,000 visitors per day, 65 percent of whom are foreign tourists.
Sushma Neeraj
On 1st October, it was a cloudy and windy day with little bit of rain as well. The day was planned to spend in Disneyland and followed by visit to Eiffel Tower. We started around 8.30am, which was an hour drive to Disneyland. A fun filled day ahead, I was so excited and waiting for this highlight of the tour. Yes, we arrived there by 9.30am, crowd was not yet started and we all immediately hit the entrance gates. By this time, there was still more cold breeze which was chilling.I had watched most of the disney characters in my childhood days and I liked them a lot. Mickey Mouse is my favorite character. ;) Disneyland in Paris has 2 parks in it - Walt Disney Studios & Disneyland Park. Its a spectacular experience to be here, everything looks so colorful and lively. We opted to go for Walt Disney Studios that consisted of movie making, rides and a theme park. Our whole group was dispersed between the 2 parks as per their choices.
Marigold Odyssey
Our hotel was near Disneyland so firstly we decided to just roam around Paris without any plans. We walked towards Central Paris after a long Metro journey and after some quick snacks headed over to river Seine where people hang out and attach locks in the bridge with their names engraved in it. I am not a history lover so skipped visiting Museum from inside but you must visit these places. Instead I spend my day sipping coffee in small roadside cafes ,enjoying croissants and macaroons at Laduree followed by more shopping for my friends and family :) . When we were coming back in the evening we luckily got free passes of Disneyland and it was a sweet surprise by a friend. I loved my time here in Paris. From rides to light show at the night everything was just Magical here. I stayed till night to watch beautifully lit up Disneyland. Whenever in Paris, please visit this place you will never ever regret.