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Walt Disney Studios Park

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On 1st October, it was a cloudy and windy day with little bit of rain as well. The day was planned to spend in Disneyland and followed by visit to Eiffel Tower. We started around 8.30am, which was an hour drive to Disneyland. A fun filled day ahead, I was so excited and waiting for this highlight of the tour. Yes, we arrived there by 9.30am, crowd was not yet started and we all immediately hit the entrance gates. By this time, there was still more cold breeze which was chilling.I had watched most of the disney characters in my childhood days and I liked them a lot. Mickey Mouse is my favorite character. Disneyland in Paris has 2 parks in it - Walt Disney Studios & Disneyland Park. Its a spectacular experience to be here, everything looks so colorful and lively. We opted to go for Walt Disney Studios that consisted of movie making, rides and a theme park. Our whole group was dispersed between the 2 parks as per their choices.The park is in outskirts of Paris and in a open space which will make you feel more colder than in city. We walked through an eatery area and stepped into ride area. There were lot of big queues and crowd which was expected on a Sunday morning. But still we did only one small ride after waiting for an hour in the queue.We were given packed lunch boxes for the day for each individual. Carrying that everywhere and waiting in queues was next to impossible. So we searched some sitting area and finished our lunch. It was too windy that we couldn't have our lunch properly as the food was also cold. Though it was tasty, we couldn't enjoy it. In the mean time, it started raining, 2 of the attractions were closed on that day.Later, we went to 2 themed live attractions where public were involved in interactions and Disney characters came on stage & performed a live skit. That was so nice to see the performance. Rain still continued and we were under a shelter for some time and went inside shops to buy souvenirs and I also purchased a Mickey soft toy as a mark of remembrance of Disneyland.