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If you want to experience how Moroccons live you should definitely stay in one of the Riads. You can find Riads in almost every city in Morocco. These Riads are luxurious as well as affordable. Riads are traditional Moroccon house or a palace with an interior garden, courtyard and a pool. They have beautiful interiors with traditional Moroccon rugs, shelves adorned with glassware & silverware. Breakfasts are usually served in either courtyards or rooftops. You can find a Riad to suit every budget. We stayed in three Riads during our stay in Morocco. Riad Shama and Riad L'Oriental Medina in Marrakesh and Riad Dar Sababa in Chefchaouen. You can also stay in large resorts that can be found in many cities and beach areas, with a broad array of facilities like swimming pools, onsite gyms, restaurants & bars. Most popular and luxurious one is La Mamounia in Marrakesh known for its architecturally pleasing swimming pool.