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Matupetty Dam

Tania Banerjee
9 AM -The Mattuppetty dam is one of the most important dams in the Idukki district and it is extensively used to generate hydroelectric power. The ripples of blue water of the lake created by the Mattuppetty dam will soothe your eyes. The lake is surrounded by thickly forested Western Ghats hills. Shacks selling souvenirs and food items to tourists have mushroomed by the lake shore. Activities like boat rides can be enjoyed on the lake.
After elephant ride we went to Mattupetty Dam.still raining but nothing could stop us playing & enjoying beauty of nature, seems popular tourist spot, crowdedThere were Boat riding as well but it was closed, so we didnt get chance for i, it could have bee good experience with raining, boating around the river, watching the hills around you.i said to myself better luck next time
Footloose Backpackers
· Mattupetty Dam: Huge lake/ dam with boating opportunities, excellent shopping opportunities (specially for jewellery, antics and tea)**Recommendation: Instead of opting for boating here, go for speed boat ride in Ooty (Pykara Lake)
Alok Nanda
Madupatty Dam - It is one of the must-visit point at Munnar. It is located around 13km from Munnar town. The view of the lake with background mountains was just breathtaking. At the nearby local market, one can get caps, goggles. If you are a foodie, you will get a plenty of items to try your taste-buds. But most of the shops sell cashew nuts(RS 260/- per kg) and home-made chocolates here. Speed-boating at this Madupatty dam is a must if you are travelling ever here. The booking cost is RS 500/- per boat. And the maximum allowed persons per boat is 5. If you are single or two persons, you can club with others and book a boat. This boating facility is provided by two groups there-Kerala govt and Tamilnadu govt. No compromise with safety. !! You will be asked to fill up a form with your personal details and will be asked to wear a Life-jacket. The ride is extremely thrilling. The riders are trained ones and exactly know what the customers are looking for. The turns, twirls, twists of the ride will give you worth of your money. And of course the scenic beauty of the surrounding of the lake during the ride will mesmerize you.
Ananya Gupta
DAY 1: We began our trip at around 1.30 in the afternoon. We got the jeep and booked it for both the days. The place was so beautiful that you can click pictures almost everywhere. The roads were narrow and the clouds were floating around. There was no sign of the sun first day. We saw hydel dam in between our trip. Then we reached Mattupetty dam, boating option is available there. There is a place called as view point where the full view of tea plantation is available. The greenery and the plantations are perfect at that place. Best suited for photography.
6. Explore the green valleys of MatupettyReach the quiet hill station of Matupetty, a famous hill-town in Munnar. The green valleys of Matupetty are in close proximity with the Anamudi Peak. Trekking and birding are some of the popular things to do here. Visit the Matupetty Dam and take a boat ride on the lake to experience a quieter side of Kerala.
Urvashi Sharma
Matupetty DamThis dam is situated around 15 km away from munnar and in the vicinity of the dam is a beautiful lake where you can enjoy, Serene boat ride. Entry is pretty reasonable at Rs. 300 for 5 people for 15 minutes. The lake looks very huge and the dam contains it. As it is at a significant height, the clouds are also not too far away. Awesome view.
Mattupetty Dam is famous for speed boating and its scenic beauty. Whole of Mattupetty dam is a visual treat. Visit Mattupetty Dam in the winter months as it gets way too hot in summers.