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Matupetty Dam

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Mattupetty DamMattupetty is among the most visited destinations in the tourist hotbed of Munnar. It is a beautiful picnic spot that regularly attracts visitors. People love visiting the dam and lake here and families can regularly be seen enjoying a fine afternoon in the area. The view of the valley from here is breath-taking and one gets to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.
Mattupetty Dam and Lake are celebrated tourist spots with an excellent view of the lake and tea plantations spread out to a wider area. Boating facilities are available to provide the visitors with an amazing experience and elephants are often see here in Munnar.Mattupetti dam is a storage Concrete Gravity dam built in the mountains of Kerala, India to conserve water for hydroelectricity.
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Since I was not much of a fan of elephant-rides, I decided to skip the Elephant-park which was next. After continuing for about 3 kilometres, I had reached the Mattupetty Dam. Surprisingly there was no security personnel near the dam which would be otherwise. This made it easier to capture good pictures of water gushing out from the dam gate. I had missed this opportunity during my Manali trip.