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Shillong Peak

Arranged 10 kms from the city, Shillong Peak offers awesome perspectives of the city from a noteworthy height of 1965 m above ocean level. Shillong Peak, the most elevated point of Shillong, is found 5 km toward the south of the city and is 1961 meters which is 6,433 feet in height. Being the most astounding crest in the locale, it is frequently encompassed with mist. The top itself is not steep, but instead semi-round like that of a crown set on the level and broad top of the Shillong Hill. The crest is open by means of the Upper Shillong or Jowai Road. If you arrive on a day when mists don't play ruin sport, you will have the capacity to see the lofty Himalayan tops and the Bangladesh fields from here. Indian Air Force has its radar station here. This spot is a standout among the most well known tourist center in Shillong as a result of the breathtaking perspectives it offers.
Preeya Darshini
Shilling Peak
Siva Ilankumaran
Shillong Peak on the way to Cherrapujee.
Next day we drove to Shillong View Point which is a famous tourist attraction. Here is a word of caution. Google maps shows the location properly but the route was misleading. Since we were on one side of city, maps showed shortest route which happened to be a restricted Defence access. We followed that route only to be asked to go back.
Pratyusha Sen
Entering the picturesque Army grounds to get to the highest point in Shillong was entirely touristy. Always crowded but pleasant for spending some time to relax.
Sanghita Nandi
The next stop was the Shillong Peak - the highest point of Shillong and of the whole Meghalaya. As it is inside the IAF area, our vehicle was stopped and checked at the entrance and we were asked to declare our cameras. All these securities are due to the presence of an IAF radar station in the premises. Again from this point one can get a panoramic view of the hill city. There were pine trees all around and the view from the peak was breathtaking. When we went back to our hotel, we ordered hot wonton soup and momos for lunch. One thing you should never miss if you come down to Shillong is their momos, dimsums or dumplings, whatever you call it, as they are undoubtedly one of the best of its kind that you can get in India.