Kanthapara Waterfalls

Cherian Varghese
An hour ride away from the Phantom Rock, the Kanthanpara Waterfall was a refresher before our ride back to Bangalore. A small waterfall with lesser tourists, it was a great place to be at the scorching temperatures of the noon. Most of the riders took a shower there before hitting the roads for the trip back.A ride to the riding destinations in Wayanad turned out to be a great experience. I enjoyed everything happened to me. New friendships, new roads, new destinations, a camping experience, everything was awesome. Someday, I will come back to Wayanad, on my Bullet, all alone, to live this again...
Salim Islam
The adventure did not tire us and we went to Soochipara and Kanthanpara waterfalls and the rains did not relent. Kanthanpara Falls which is tiny as compared to the Soochipara falls was now roaring.
Hajara Mj
The Kanthapara WaterfallsPost sunrise valley we set foot to the Kanthapara waterfalls. It’s also about an hour drive from the sunrise valley. The falls are located in the interiors of a vegetated area. The falls are an absolute delight to your eyes as well as yourself. The environment surrounding the falls is calm and quiet. Its helps you break off from reality even if it is for a couple of hours. The serenity of the waterfall is its main attraction. So if you are ever in Wayanad, these are two of the many spots that you must visit. Ways to get to Wayanad – 2-hour drive from the Mysore, Karnataka Railway station or a 2-hour drive from the Calicut, Kerala Railway station. Nearest Airport – Calicut.Keep Travelling and Keep Creating.This post was originally published on 2AM BY EMJAY