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Anfiteatro Romano de Merida

Within the historic city of Malaga, you could easily wander around the small streets, eat some tapa's and just enjoy the architecture. Nearby the foot of the famous Alcazaba, you find the remains of the Teatro Romano (Roman theatre), build in the first century BC under Emperor Augustus. On the other side of the theatre, you find the quaint street Calle Zegri. One of Malaga's most famous Bodegas " El Pimpi" is situated here . El Pimpi was opened in 1971 inside an old 18th century mansion house. The place is frequented by celebrities, Malenguenos and tourists. The Bodega is divided in many different rooms, one is called the barrel hall where many of the wine barrels have been signed by celebrities. Another fun room is the patio de los Geranios, a sun filled room full of plants.