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Modhera Sun Temple

This temple is dedicated to the HindU Sun God, Surya on the banks of the river Pushpavati built in 1026 AD by King Bhimdev. Prayers are not offered in this temple, now, and is under the supervision of ASI.
neha ballal
It takes about 2 hours in a local state transport bus to reach Mehsana from Ahmedabad. From Mehsana if lucky you get another bus to Modhera or you can take an auto or taxis. If you want to avoid the hassel of changing buses or waiting for them you can always book a direct taxi from Ahmedabad. Depending on your budget. The sun temple is a splendid piece of architectural marvel. You have to pass through a green lawn to come to a beautifully carved step-well from where we can see the sun temple.
Before the sun rises we hit the temple gates,enter and the camera shooting frenzy begins. Meanwhile, our much troubled Kantibhai (dedicated driver for the trip) takes a powernap.
Sagar Pradhan
The Sun Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the solar deity Surya located at Modhera village of Mehsana district of Gujarat. It was built in 1026-27 AD during the reign of Bhima I of the Chaulukya dynasty. It is built on 23.6° latitude (approximately near Tropic of Cancer)No worship is offered now and is protected monument maintained by Archaeological Survey of India.The entire temple is over whelming in terms of architecture, mathematical alignments, design and the science behind it.It is absolute essential to hire a guide available at the entry point to enjoy the temple.Had availed services of guide named Mr. Vipul Rawal, Ph. : 9924888505 who was extremely knowledgeable.We found many interesting sculptures here. One interesting statue was that of Sun God- who looks like an Egyptian Pharaoh. Wonder if there was actually a much free and open society and flow of knowledge from India to countries and Egypt and vice versa.
Roli jain
Modhera Dance Festival (January)45 km from Dasada is the 11th century Sun Temple at Modhera. During the classical dance festival, the temple is illuminated, and dancers from different parts of India perform on the occasion.
Umang Dave
Detailed Itinerary:Day 1: Start your journey from Rajkot towards the sun temple of Modhera early morning. From rajkot It is a five hours drive.Post breakfast visit Sun Temple. A walk around the serene temple campus makes you aware of the positively strong aura of energy which the place radiates and through it brings one closer to the environs.Sun temple