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Jumpin Heights

The Wolf Girl
1:30 pm (Jumpin Heights)On my right is Jumpin Heights written in big, bold, orange and graphic letters. We stare the sign for a few seconds and then go inside. The guys ask us to wait. There are couches where people have to sit and watch a video that tells about each ride. Do's and don'ts. Eligible and ineligible people for these rides. Process. Etc etc. Quite explanatory.We get our bookings confirmed. After a few minor booking formalities we sit in the cafe and watch recorded and live video of people bungee jumping. Damballa and Ronove are talking a lot about it. They are discussing what will happen or can happen, will they be able to do it or not. The thing is, at Jumpin Heights you will NOT be pushed at any cost. You will get ONLY 2 chances to jump. If you are UNABLE to jump, you will get NO refund.There are three types of rides at Jumpin Heights:1- Bungee Jump2- Flying Fox (single, dual and triple seater)3- Pendulum (single, dual seater)We decided to first do flying fox. It is the longest zip-line, almost 1 km long. It’s not scary. We took the triple seater. Not a must do. We did it as a warm up. Once that was done we waited to suicide aka bungee jump. While we were sitting in the cafe and discussing who goes first and all, we saw the red zoomcar guys enter the cafe. Turns out they are in for bungee jump too.Damballa and I calm our nerves by smoking a cigarette. I must say I was nervous and quiet. I wasn't claiming I'd jump at one go. Nor was I thinking of doing it at the second attempt. We had smoked only half a cigarette and our names were called out. Damballa and I stored rest of the cigarette and we decided, if we finally do this, we'd smoke this together. We were supposed to walk to the site. 3 girls with an accelerated heartbeat are waiting to jump of a plank. Crazy much? Found one of the cute guys from the red zoomcar waiting for his turn. I was going first. Damballa second and then Ronove. The cute guy was going before me. Now while you read my blog I can tell you how I became all gregarious and managed to get the guy talking and interested in me. However, I will then also have to tell you that when he met my hot friend Ronove later, he was much interested in her! So let’s just skip this part. :PIt was now my turn to show some guts. Before I went in, I asked one of the technicians that had there been any casualty before and he replied - no. That was relief. I was double checked. I was greeted by two guys from New Zealand. He asks if I am ready. I say yes, but my heart, brain, knees everything else says no. He tells me he will count to three and say bungee and then I will have to jump. I say okay. I slowly move towards the edge. My heartbeat has accelerated and I am 100% not sure I want to do this or not. I move further and further, little baby steps and reach the edge. I know this is it. I know now I will have to either let it all go, or carry all the weight with me forever. I can let my pain go away and I must. I think two things in my head. He says bungee. I fall off the edge, into the air swinging, swaying and yelling. It's beautiful down there. The cliff, the green river, the white sand. It is mesmerizing.I have the widest smile and my happiness is unexplainable in words. I realized how important life is! There are so many experiences we miss out. There are so many pleasures we still need to go through. Of course the same journey will also comprise of many unwanted experiences but in the end it is all worth it.I was pulled back again because of inertia and I came down again. I yelled and cheered and enjoyed every second of it. Soon I was pulled down and greeted by two other employees at Jumpin Heights. They gave me a ‘I’ve got guts!’ badge and a bottle of water to calm my nerves.(http://www.jumpinheights.com/)My friends too did it in the first attempt and we rejoiced together once all of us were done with the bungee jump ! There was now a major strike-off on each of our bucket lists.Around 4:00 pm (Jumpin Heights)We collected out certificates, videos and our luggage. Damballa and I finished our left out cigarettes and we rolled up a thunderbolt. The three of us were delighted with joy. We smoked up a couple of joints with the Zoom Car guys. It was in this moment the cute guy met Ronove and they both kicked off with each other. Laws of attraction I tell you.We said our goodbyes and took leave from that place, feeling proud and content. We also took a lift from the Jumpin Height’s bus service. They close off by 4pm and then drop their employees via bus. The driver was kind enough to give us a lift for a mere 50-100 bucks.On our way to Laxman Jhulla we checked out the markets of Rishikesh. Loads of interesting things to buy if you are not on a budget trip. We did buy ‘Madhubani Paintings’ - a style of painting very famous in Bihar. Madhubani Paintings are painted using only natural colors extracted from flowers.We were starving and we decided to quench our hunger. We ordered banana and nutella crepes and apple flambe at the German Bakery (a must go place). The laxman jhula was right behind us and so was The Ganges. It was dark and temple lights had lit the entire city. We took a sweet picture on the famous Laxman Jhulla and then went to Freedom Cafe.
Sagar Sharma
Bus Cost : 400 Rs ( Rishikesh to Mohan Chatti/Jumping Heights) Bungee Jumping
The very next morning we were all a ready for most awaited thrill yeah “Bungee Jumping”Thrill in the airQuick tips:1. There are two or three centers for Bungee Jumping we go with “Jumpin heights” one of the best.2. It costs you fixed 3500/- per person and 750/- for video, 100/- for registration.3. You can take ticket directly from there.4. Better to reach early morning to avoid a rush and to face thrill in the morning anyways you are going to die, just kidding.5. There are also some other activities but Bungee jumping is incomparable.We reached around 9 o’clock at Jumpin heights, our ticket was pre-booked and I was the first girl for that day, they will tie you with belts around your waist and foot, meanwhile looking the expression of your face they will try to crack some jokes which will no way to reduce your fucking thrill.Just you need to have guts and they will take you to the position from where you’ll jump, they will give you three chances to jump, if you failed you lost, no refund.But if you have guts you’ll jump in very first time and that will be awesome, I did the same.When I was standing at the edge of a bridge, I was really wondering what I am doing here, is it really important and mixed feeling in your mind will come, He will suggest you the way to jump either you can dive or free fall and then he will say “Bungee”. I go with the free fall.Oh my god. What an unexplained moment, just awesome, for that moment when you just leaned your body nowhere, it will like “Gae ab to”.I have just leaned my body down and you will feel a slight jerk when you will get hanged by rope. All fear will go and now just enjoy your free moving body hanging somewhere between in hills, yeah that's it, bungee jumping done.After some swings, two people standing down will hold you with the help of a bamboo and will lie you down, will remove all your ropes and give you a badge saying “You’ve got guts”, yeah that was really a proud moment, now enjoy others fear.Use that badge to take a selfie and poses. check out the video here.Yes I've got gutsThat was really thrilling experience and I want to feel that again, everyone should go with this once in a life, it was like"Maine maut ko bahut karib se mehsus kia hai". lol ! Bungee Jumping - The Thrill
There is no doubt that Rishikesh is famous for rafting and other adventure activities but there are many more things to do in such a wonderful place.Rishikesh is widely known as the yoga capital of the world. It is well connected via road and rail from haridwar railway station. So if you want to feel the mesmerizing and spectacular beauty of silently flowing Ganga, you must go to Rishikesh. This time, I went with a group of solo traveler from Delhi and our accommodation was done in camps on the banks of Holy River. Apart from thrilling activities like rafting, trekking, bungee jumping and paragliding, you can spend your time doing meditation, roaming on the streets and clicking some shots at lakshman and ram jhula.Throughout the year, there is pleasant weather in Rishikesh, but in the season of extreme summer, the heat becomes scorching. So the best time to go there is early summers or late winters. Talking in terms of accessibility, if you are in Haridwar then a local auto will take around 40 Rs. to take you to Rishikesh. This is the best and cheapest mode.Our camp organisers have already planned for a rafting activity and we went there. The experience is awesome when you cross the hurdles in water and your raft goes all inside the river. It is breathtaking and not for the light hearted people. There is a place called maggi point where you get the yummy maggi and ginger tea. That is also the point for cliff jumping. Our whole day went in the river rafting and we were tired like hell. The next day was scheduled for other adventure activities. From flying fox to bungee jumping and giant swing, you can do it all there. I tried flying fox and bungee jumping, it is really once in a lifetime experience.After that we went to for some wandering in the local market and then to Lakshman Jhula. Our evening went by the banks of Ganga. If you are more of a religious person then you must visit Bharat temple, neelkanth mahadev and vashisht cave. Chandreshwar and someshwar temple are also worth a visit.Want to know more about what to do, eat and stay in Rishikesh then feel free to ask in comments.