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Vaibhav Annam
Day 9 (Essaouira)The first board we saw in our hostel (Atlantic Hostel) read “Welcome to Essaouira – the windiest city in Afrika”. True, surfing and Kite surfing is huge in the pretty port town. Essaouira has a very nice vibe. One can take a walk through the streets scouting for souvenirs, chill out in the many cafes of the town or simply head down for a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. Perfect place to chill
Danielle Donker
Mystical and magical Essaouira, history breathes hauntingly through the streets of this town. Dark, small alleys and the many arches whisper tales of times long gone by and it only needs a little imagination to visualise the caravan trade from sub-Saharan Africa that once arrived in this eighteenth century port. Essaouira has inherited a wonderful blend of cultural influences from the diverse ethnical groups that have inhabited the town.