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Ferdouss Hilal
In a past trip I posted about a bizarre street food dish, but that's something you can eat between meals. For this trip, i will share with you an other one my favorite: Sandwiches or Bocadillos as some of the local calls them.No matter where you are in Morocco, you can almost find sandwich shops everywhere but the best place for them is the north, cities like Tangier, Larache, Asilah, Tetouan. The shops usually look like the picture bellow :
Arpita Banerjee
Tangier, is not a large city compared to the other three cities mentioned but never the less, it is a really nice city to visit. People usually go there to visit the beaches, it has clean beaches and one of the main beach, Bohendia beach, one can see Spain in a distance. If a person loves the beach, Tangier would make an excellent place to visit.
Marta Chan
Tangier is a crowded city with a small but nice Medina (means city, the old city) close to the coast and a great spot called Hafa Cafe with the Mediterranean sea in front of you while you drink a cup of mint tea. From the CouchSurfer living room we were staying in ,we were pretty fortunate to look at this beautiful view of Tarifa (Spain) and Gibraltar in front.