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Pathiramanal Island

Jaiveer Yadav
14. Pathiramanal IslandThis little island in Muhamma, Alappuzha on Vembanad Lake has won the hearts of many. Pathiramanal Island is a place to visit, as it attracts a host of migratory birds across geographies. So, it ranks top among the lists of sightseeing places to visit.One of the best experiences to approach the island is to hire a boat on rent from Kayippuram jetty. This will take you through a green stretch where the greens of the land merge with emerald green water. It is home to approximately 140 species of local and migratory birds, thus be ready with your binoculars and camera to shoot the right moments.Places to see: Pathiramanal Biopark, and a mysterious temple hidden in the dense bushes.Location: 4 km from Kumarakom towards North-east and 1.5km from the Muhamma boat jetty.Timings: Sunrise to sunset.
Debasmita Rath
Take KSRTC bus for Kayipooram from Alleppy bus stand. It takes around 45 mins. Fare is 13INR. From Kayipooram bus stop, the island is just 1 km. Either you can walk or you can take an Auto which would cost you 20INR. You can use houseboats or motor boats to reach the island. Try to bargain as much as you can. It takes only 2 mins to reach the island. We went by Motor boats, initially he said for two people he will charge 600rs, we negotiated the fare down to 500INR thinking that it might take 15-20 mins to reach the island. But it took only 2 mins. For 2 mins, paying 500 rs isn't worth, so while coming back we bargained with the guy. He started shouting, "you guys are from north, stop showing rowdygiri here" and snatched my phone from my hand. We both shouted, some local people gathered, I called police, we waited for more than 15 mins but they didn't come. Local people suggested us to give money and go from there. We did the same.Note here : people over here are very unprofessional, mainly the jetty boy and if they find you from North they may misbehave. Also the police won’t reach on time, so plan to this place at your own risk.What to do in Pathiramanal:There's nothing to do there. Yes! You read it right. You can only walk there, you will get the feel of dense forest. Neither there is a washroom nor any restaurants available. Don't keep your expectations high, you might get disappointed.
The ride was soothing and we crossed the calm waters to arrive at Pathiramanal where a 20 minute walk is good enough to cover the island. We didn’t see too many birds, probably because it wasn’t the migration season and the few that may have been there would be resting in the denser parts of the islands which had no pathways carved out.
Tanishka Goel
Accessible only by boat, this is a small island on the Vembanad Lake. The name of the island literally translates to Sands of the Night. Tourists constantly flock to the beautiful island of Pathiramanal to witness the breathtaking sight of thousands of rare birds soaring in the clear skies. Rare birds, blue skies and verdant greenery make the Pathiramanal Island a true paradise of the nature.
Krupa Shah
• Pathiramanal is one of the islands in the Vembanad Lake. Pathiramanal means the ‘sands of night’. The 10 acre island houses an aquarium and a zoo. Some of the exotic types of migratory birds can be seen here.