Dachauer Straße

Kedar Jaidev
The first place we went to was Dachau, the first of the Nazi concentration camps in Germany. Best way to start a euro trip – yeah – visit a place of mindless torture. I’d never heard of a concentration camp, they’d take thousands of prisoners, mostly Jews, and put them here for life, tiny beds, no bathrooms, and one meal of soup a day, and if you tried anything, you’d get shot. Some prisoners were in there for no crime whatsoever, just because they didn’t agree with the Nazi ways. Journalists, painters, construction workers, you name it, all died in Dachau, over 35,000 documented deaths, and so many that weren’t. Take the audio tour, it’s got interviews from survivors and people who’ve visited the site and it’s quite the eye opener. The odd thing is, Dachau’s been restored now, so it just looks positively gorgeous, which really doesn’t convey the kind of stuff that went on there. There’s a massive sign as soon as you enter that reads – ARBEIT MACHT FREI – Work sets you free – I think I should get one of these for every office in India.