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Nymphenburger Straße

Ryan And Ron
The primary trek for today was the Nymphenburg Palace, where King Ludwig II was born. It was relatively easy to reach by public transport, but we made a mistake taking tram 16/17, which at one point changed to tram 11. We had to backtrack and get a tram 16 for the rest of the route. There is a stop right by the palace, which is set back from the road making for a breathtaking view. The palace sits within a park of 490 acres. There are two lakes with multiple dozen swans, geese, and ducks. It is the most enormous building I have seen. If you were allowed to tour the entire building, it would take you a minimum of two complete days. It was originally built in 1675 for the then electorate and his wife, the predecessors of kings. With each generation it was added to, creating the pavilions Amalienburg, Badenburg, Pagodenburg, and the Magdalenenklause. We toured the main building, which was plenty. Baroque, baroque, baroque everywhere baroque. This has never been my cup of tea. Even here, it seems so overdone. Museum entrance also provides admission to the Marstallmuseum, which is the collection of the royal carriages and sleighs. The first impression was that this would be less interesting than the inside of the palace. Not true. It was pretty incredible how those royals indulged in finery for their carriages and sleighs. Since Ludwig II was a bit light in loafers, he could not have a "Room of Beautiful Women", so not to be outdone by his father, he had a "Room of his favorite horses". Like his father, they ran the gamut to.