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Olympia Einkaufszentrum

Richi Malhotra
In a rather shocking chain of events, Munich was taken by a storm when attacks took place in a shopping center on 22nd July, 2016. Lucky for me, I was a few miles outside of Munich when the attacker opened fire, killing people. The news hit me hard and I was beyond scared. On my return home that night, I saw police vehicles patrolling the streets and people trying to get home safely. As ironic as it may seem, an eerie silence and a state of panic had blanketed the city of Munich. It is not a pleasant memory from my summer in Munich, but it was an important lesson, the one that taught me the value of life and how uncertain it is. Such incidents affect you greatly, especially when you are thousands of miles away from home and family.Over the course of my stay in Munich, I have had the chance to experience all sorts of crazy ranging from football madness to dreadful attacks. I spent time doing things that a tourist would do and those that a traveller would do. I visited the English garden, ate Bavarian cuisine by the river, wore a dirndl, visited the Stuttgart City Library which is one of the most beautiful in the world, partied like an animal, witnessed the humility and kindness of Germans, visited nearby countries as allowed by the Schengen Visa, and had the best 70 days of my life so far.