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Ajita Mahajan
WATCH THE SUNSET FROM THE HILLS OF OLYMPIAPARKOlympiapark is a huge stadium that was built for the summer Olympics of 1972. Many events are held all the year around in the stadium.
Kapil Kumar
2.Olympia Park: The history brings a lot of things for this awesome venue with the unfortunate event in the past, but now this place has moved on to offer a magical view along with the lake and greenery. you will see a lot of people enjoy with their families on any other day :)It was getting cold as the sun was almost set but still I didn't feel like going back to the hotel. The green pathways were full of people jogging in the park. Along the lakeside, few kids were playing and feeding the Ducks. This park was spread for miles and miles so I decided to skip the rest of the park :D