The Tent Munich

Kedar Jaidev
Our first two days were at The Tent, which is a great place to go with a group of friends, but all I had was my friend Ananth (elephant herder extraordinaire) Reddy. We travelled together for the first ten days, right up to Vienna where we bid (bade? Bathe? No, you bade) farewell and he won’t admit it but he definitely cried a little when I left. The Tent is pretty cool – you sleep on floor mats in this massive, well, tent on any spot you find on the floor. It’s a bit outside the city centre, but with this magical 32 Euro card that you buy from any machine at the train station, you can use most forms of public transport, the bus, the train, the U Bahn, the Bahn to be wiiillldd (my apologies). Get it if you’re in Munich for a few days.
This was by far my favorite hostel out of all hostels I stayed at in Europe. It had a laid-back and relaxing atmosphere, and felt exactly like a hippie commune. The staff was rather lovely and were more than willing to converse in English on pen and paper. They made sure I was satisfied and comfortable during my stay. The canteen was fantastic and very cheap as well - no more than 4-5 euros for a proper German meal, including beer or juice. I'd stay there again in a heartbeat!