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KMVN Tourist Rest House Munsyari

Jaiveer Yadav
It was a steep trail of 3 to 4 kms. We halted at KMVN, booked the room, had the breakfast and then headed to Khuliya Top.
( Munsiyari to Bugdiyar 33 km ) [ In between Lilam-Maan Singh top- Babaldhar- Rargadi- Syuni ]
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So, because I belong to Uttarakhand I will skip the Delhi to Munsiyari hurdle. I reached Munsiyari post lunch that day and the weather was pretty cloudy and windy. To trek in the upper Himalayas around that range you need to have a permit. So, as soon as I get off the taxi, I went to the SDM court and the procedure began. You really not need to do anything but tell them about your scene to go on the trek to Milam glacier and Nanda Devi base camp ( It’s just one mountain in between Milam and Nanda Devi ) and the person responsible will write the application and add the papers needed. You just need to give him three photocopies of your any identity card and three photographs. Rest will be done. The application was sent in the court and I went out to eat something which could be nothing but Shikhar-Bhaat ( Shikar is called to mutton in Pahad ). As high as you go in the hills you really need to try that taste. It was almost 3 on the clock and I got the permit signed by the court. Now there will be three copies of the documents, one will be kept at the SDM office, the second, you will have to submit at the ITBP base, Munsiyari, to inform them about your scene and the third will be with you, signed by SDM and the Officer in charge at ITBP. That will be your permit to go on, which you later have to show on the route on three different check posts of ITBP and mark your entry and exit. So if there is any rescue situation, they know where to look for you. While I was doing all that, there was a group of few boys heading out to the trek already and I also had the same plan to cover some 5km by the dark, which I had heard to be done by a friend who went on with his group a week ago. But because till the time I finished getting the permit signed, it was 04:30 hours and raining. I had no idea of the route and because I was going alone, I decided to stay at Munsiyari for the night. I head back to the KMVN TRH, as I knew someone there as I was already there a year before.The Guesthouse was rushed. Rooms were pretty occupied but he arranged a bed for me in the dormitory. As I entered the room I could not be much happier. It reminded me of two things. The first was that I am a boarding school kid and secure the best memories of my life from those years, memories I can live my life with. Second, the guest house was a British architecture building which reminded me of my childhood again. I was born and lived my early childhood in hills, in a Government institution and campus, established long back during the colonization. I have always been fond of the kind of architecture they had. The windows, beds, mirror, walls, roof, flooring and everything. There were 8 beds and with the very first look I knew which one I had to choose and it was next to the window. It was raining outside and I went out in the reception, had a tea, talked to people and gained the knowledge about the route and do my homework because I had no idea about it but I only heard it from people and searched on the internet as much as I could. There were few maps on the wall which I looked into and memorised. So the trek actually starts from Chillamdhar, 11km away from the Munsiyari main town. There are few vehicles go that way. I talked to a taxi guy, got his number and confirmed the timing to be 06:00 hours in the morning, at the taxi stand. That evening i was missing to read something, had no book. But when you are on your own god takes care of everything for you and he sent a writer, traveller in the same dorm and then the night turned into the poetic session.