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Monisha Batra
Cloud’s End - A serene 6-8 kilometers drive and you reach what in my opinion is one of the most peaceful and pleasant destination. Covered with dense forests, the drive to this place is a complete bliss. Sitting on the rocks for hours, I was flabbergasted to see the extent of serenity nature has to offer. Surrounded by the Himalayas, this little spot made me surrender my soul to the beauty of the nature.
Ragul P G
Cloud End:
Vivek Gupta
DAY 4 : " A Road Trip : "Sir George Everest""Weather was going hard on us as all the plans were getting canceled, now I with only a few days left to get back to Jaipur. Though we utilized the time getting high with the Doon stuff, I decided that, let the rain fall and whatever happens I'll continue to explore, after all this is what for I have came here all the way from Jaipur. Ditching me, my friend denied to go to the place as it was risky to ride in such storm, so I planned the trip with one of his friends.We loaded ourself with some marijuana, and Bhang shots, just in case we need to later or in between the ride. It was getting extremely tough to ride due to heavy Rain and Hailstorms, my hands were frozen and body was shivering with cold. As the expectations were high with the place, we took significant risk of crossing wild forests, muddy roads, and it all turned worthy when we finally encountered Snow.