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Naypyitaw – Yangon (370 km)The new capital of Myanmar is connected with the older one by a 4-lane expressway, which is mostly devoid of any heavy traffic. The journey is perhaps the fastest and the best.You will definitely feel the difference between the two cities once you are at Yangon. This is a busy city bustling with life and people.Yangon is the home to a large number of colonial style buildings and architecture and has a distinct old world charm to it. The Downtown is the busiest part of the city and the best part of the city for tourists.If you want to explore Yangon, you can keep 2 days at hand.
Prateek Dham
This is India's only neighbour on the list, and that automatically makes it the most "visit-able" since inclination towards the familiar is part of the rudimentary human psyche. Myanmar's capital is a criminally overlooked destination in our country, but it is just as good as any other South Asian city. Literally translating to 'the royal city of sun', Naypyidaw is famous for its grandness with eight-lane highways, ministry buildings, round-the-clock electricity, generals' residences, and a lot more. Even substandard hotels seem luxurious.Famous for: Temples and food.Things to do: Visit the Thatta Thattaha Maha Bawdi Pagoda. Stay at luxurious resorts, because they aren't that expensive.Weather in January: 27 degrees celsius. The night chill is similar to what you experience in India.Average budget per head for 5 days (excluding flights): Rs. 31,000For more details, read this.