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Half-day trip to Mynamar & onward to SendraWake up to the promise of visiting a new country, however without a passport! Head to the Moreh-Tamu border & once there, hire a local tuk-tuk to get a taste Myanmar. Complete with visits to Pagodas, Monasteries, Temples, Shopping & an excellent Burmese lunch! Afterwards, drive to Sendra for that first look at the incomparable Loktak Lake. Cozy up in your lakeside cottage & see the sky blend into the lake.
Kanj Saurav
There was a huge market on the border, with everything being sold- exotic fruits, clothes, tumblers, what not. I thought of my parents who could have easily spent a day here itself. But we just walked across to find a Tuk-Tuk who took us to Tamu, 5 kms ahead of the border. The Vaishnav Tilak on the Manipur side on the faces chnged to Thanaka applied by women on the face in Myanmar. It appeared sort of unusual to me to find women of all age, and class wearing it. However, I did realise that it was indeed a respite from the burning sun. The sun shone fiercely at this time of winter. We walked around Tamu, and Jeevan tried to make a conversation with the people in Manipuri. Unfortunately, nobody understood English, Maiti or Hindi, the languages we knew. But Jeevan managed to find directions to the Manipuri pilgrimage he was trying to visit. He too hadn't been on the other side ever before. We walked across a quaint little town, with wooden houses, mostly painted in charcoalish colors, with nice gardens with plant those were new to see. We found a beautiful monastery there with splendid architecture. However, we couldn't communicate with the people there. I clicked a few pictures, ensuring not to invite any trouble as a disclaimer at the border said that no photography was allowed in Tamu. I tried to make a conversation with the locals at a dhaba, but they failed to make me understand what they had to offer, and Jeevan was fixated on eating Manipuri cuisine. So, we decided to go back to India.