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Mitrajit Biswas
It was a great journey from the eastern front from India, to a unique place named Myanmar. My past family history is connected to the place. My great grandmother was born in the city of Yangon. A city that has shared and seen a lot of history and experiences. That is how the journey happened to meet a very special person i had not met for a very long time. I don't want to make it seem like an exotic place but despite being from India, i found the mystical charm that Myanmar had. The golden pagodas and the tranquil peace of Lord Buddha in there makes you contemplate. From Kolkata, Myanmar is just round the corner but surely it was a great journey to South East Asia. The food is very similar to the North Eastern India. It was more of soups and it was great mix of rice or noodles with it.The traffic was quite OK and far less noisy than India as it was wonderful experience of the colourful clothes . The men have the well designed lungi's (traditional dress like a flowing garment) and women with a unique face pack going around.Overall it was great to be in Yangon and say Mingalarbar.