Napoli Garibaldi 1/undefined by Tripoto

Napoli Garibaldi

Preeti Singh
We crossed the road and climbed on the elevator which took us down to the Naples Garibaldi metro station. Once in the station I told Jerry, my husband that we have to buy tickets for the L2 line Metro from Garibaldi to Naples Montesanto. We stood there and looked for a ticket counter. It was nowhere in view but I saw a ticket machine.We went to the machine and saw the instructions and tried buying our tickets. I don’t remember what went wrong but we couldn’t make our way to it. We took a step back after one try and let one other person buy his ticket. We again tried our luck and this time we were able to buy the tickets. It was not that difficult but we were just a bit confused during the first attempt. We had to change the language of the machine from Italian to ‘Inglese’, Italian for English and book two urban metro tickets for one journey.We inserted one 5 euro note and the tickets came in from the slot below along with the change. One metro ticket cost 1.5 Euros which is valid for 90 minutes. A day pass costs 4.5 euros for as many journeys as you want.Italian scripture is not difficult to read as they use the English Alphabet but to make your life a bit easy I’m writing a few words with meanings which will help you navigate through all of Italy trains.• Stazione – Station• Biglietti – Tickets• Binari – Platforms• Biglietto Orario – hourly ticket• Giornaliero – daily• Tabacheria - tobacco shopsNow you must be thinking what a tobacco shop has to do with trains. Train or Bus Tickets in Italy can also be bought at tobacco shops so look out for it.