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Puerto Natales

My northbound passage through the Chilean fjords, aboard Navimag’s Amadeo I began on a Tuesday afternoon in December. Departing from Puerto Natales’ windswept harbor with sun shining and just a few scattered clouds ushered a feeling of excitement among passengers, who hailed from Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, France, the United States, Chile, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Argentina. Among personal vehicles, trucks, and an assortment of containers, our cargo included a few hundred cows. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were being ferried to greener pastures. The scenery was beautiful from start to finish. As we began our journey, the white-capped peaks surrounding Puerto Natales gave way to rolling mountains of various hues: cobalt, indigo, robin’s egg, navy, slate. Sailing through the White Narrow and into the fjords, the mountains drew nearer, revealing their true, rugged coloring. Despite the fierce winds, my fellow passengers joined me on deck, exploring the walking areas of the vessel while taking in the sunshine, vistas, and condors. Many of the truckbeds in the hold were covered with protective tarps which had collected water from a recent rain; I watched as the wind whipped a small lake from one of them overboard and into the sea in a matter of minutes. Our sunset was obscured by clouds, but the view from the ship’s bridge, open to passengers during daylight hours, more than made up for the shying sun.