Amstelveen 1/undefined by Tripoto


Apart from windmills, people of Netherlands are excited about their farm fresh cheese and clogs, which they even love to showcase to their tourists as well. Farm fresh cheese is quite an intent part for the Dutch diet. Gouda is what they call their native cheese. The process of turning full cream milk to dry wholesome heavy wheel of cheese is about 4 to 5 different and time taking steps. Knowing these elaborate process of natural cheese making is quite interesting, but more relishing is the taste of the cheese. In order to focus on the sale or call it taste gimmick, these cheese are available in some flavors like garlic, onion apart from the plain Gouda cheese. And to answer to the very first raising question is, Yes, one can buy those cheese from the farm shop after the cheese and clog making process gets all into your mind, soul, gut and shopping spree!! There's many such cheese making farms in Netherlands, who are open for tourists to visit and projecting them this entire process; I visited Rembrandt Hoeve, which is at Amstelveen**.