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2.) EdamEdam is a lovely Dutch town, located about a 30-minute ride from Amsterdam's central station. This cute little town with a population of 7,400 residents, is a laid back and has that rustic charm which makes it a must-visit place.Today, Edam is known worldwide for its cheese and the annual Cheese Market Festival. The Edam cheese market was, in the Middle Ages, the hub of the city. It was where farmers brought their cheeses to be weighed, sold, and exported all over the world. Today, a farmer’s cheese market is held every Wednesdays during summer.Since we weren't visiting on a Wednesday, we didn't get to witness the epic cheese market, but there were several shops which were selling the world famous Edam cheese. There were so many different kinds of cheese; truffle cheese, cheese with chillies, pesto, herbs and so on. It was fun sampling all the different kinds of cheese.Once you are done sampling different cheese, simply wander around this cute little town. Edam is pretty small and walking around the town center is where you will find most of the scenic views. It is the perfect place to just wander and weave through the small streets and waterways. There are several shops in the town center with lots of goodies to eat, drink, or take home as souvenirs.
Biswanath banerjee
When you think of Edam, you often think of cheese first. But Edam is more than just cheese. In this authentic village on IJsselmeer lake, you will also find pleasant shopping streets and cozy terraces.