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Day 4: GroningenGroningen is the capital of the eponymous province and is located in the northern part of Netherlands. You can reach the place in just two hours by taking a train from Amsterdam. It is a lively city with beautiful historic monuments like the Martini Tower from where you can get a great view of the city. Culturally too, the city is live with events and happenings. The markets of the city are also there to explore and have a drink or two. Spend the afternoon at the Groningen coastline, the dynamic Wadden Sea, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can walk the mud flats (wadden) during low tide, and take a boat to the Frisian Islands to spot seals and a wide variety of birds. Don’t forget to visit the cafes at Grote Market. The square gives you a taste of the bustling vibe of the city.
Vishnu Modi
And again back to Bremen for my exam to be given. And right after that it was Groningen!