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Ahinsa Sthal

Kavish Sethi
It was an interesting and insightful day. I was somehow overwhelmed clicking the statue. It was quite tranquil.Hope you guys liked the blog, do visit this small yet beautiful palace in New Delhi.Thanks!
Kavish Sethi
Ahinsa Sthal is a jain temple located in Mehrauli, Delhi. As a child whenever I use to pass by that road, I always use to see this statue from the road and only Buddha's head was visible. I always had this curiosity to go and visit the temple. Finally after so many years, I went and explored the space.
Siddhant Jain
(Blog 3 in my series of blogs - Delhi Delight)Among the Jain community of Delhi, a place known as Ahinsa Sthal is popular. Literally translating to "The Region of Non Violence", the place is named after the most important principle of Jainism i.e. Ahinsa or Non Violence. A 14 ft tall granite statue of Lord Mahaveer sits here on the top of a hillock.