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4pm – 6pm
9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Spend time detoxing your mind and soul in the peaceful atmosphere of the temple.The best way to reach the temple is by metro. The nearest station is the Kalkaji Metro Station.
September - May
Families, Friends, Couples
14 out of 370 attractions in New Delhi

Bahai Lotus Temple

Also known as the Baha’i Temple, it was built by a Persian architect named Fariborz Sabha in the year 1986. The temple is built in the shape of a lotus, which is a universal symbol of peace. This temple is open to all no matter what religion you belong to. Anyone who seeks inner peace is sure to find a magical feeling here. The temple is spacious and can hold 2500 people at one time. It has 9 doors that lead to a common central hall. The temple is made up mainly of marble blocks and dolomite. This gives it an even more peaceful look. The motto of the Bahai religion is creating unity among people of the world and welcoming each person who wants to leave behind the bindings of religion and caste. The design and architecture of this temple has been appreciated worldwide among all other Bahai temples in the world. There are also beautiful pools with crystal clear water inside the temple. It feels that the temple has certain therapeutic qualities that can heal a person suffering of stress and inner disturbance.
Muktadhara Ray
Bahai Temple of Worship. Worth Visiting because of the architecture and if you want a moment of peace.
Coraline Joveneaux
Lotus Temple: a splendid lotus-shaped temple a bit like the Sydney Opera House. This is a house of worship where one venerates all prophets, all religions, but especially where the principle of truth, unity and world peace are put forward (no restaurants nearby).
Lets Head Out
I headed to Lotus temple for some Bahai teachings. This was one place where even though hundreds of people were there, pin drop silence was maintained. Such is the power of the place. This is where one can sit and meditate and the walls are adorned with Bahai teachings.
Tanya Jain
The famous Bahai Temple situated in Kalkaji is a place of utmost silence and peace. It's architecture is such that all rays converge at a point to create a divine atmosphere. One's wishes are said to granted here for the power that lies in the Lotus shaped construction. Many concerts are held within the premises for the sound of music multiples the energy levels of the people present and the area in and around the temple.