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Connaught Place

At the time of it being named, this circular market was the largest. The British were the ones to set this place up and they thought that the horse shoe shaped area would prove to be lucky for both sellers and buyers. The whole Connaught area is divided into two parts. The inner and most important part is where most of the shops are located and the blocks A to F are also a part of this. Most of the high end and foreign brands have at least one outlet in this area. Apt from just brands, local shops, designers, tailors, boutiques, restaurants and cafes also form an important part of this area.
This post will help you to understand the basics of the blocks of Connaught Place, New Delhi.Connaught Place, Popularly known as CP, is one of the biggest financial and commercial business centers in New Delhi. Mostly filled with foreign tourists, Connaught Place has a lot of restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, shopping outlets, street vendors, offices, banks, exchange houses and what not.At Connaught Place, one of the main question, that people usually ask here is that "Where is Block A/B/C ??" and so on. Now, you are going to say that, we all have Google Maps for that. But, trust me on this, most of the people don't know how to use it properly. Some do not have the proper internet connection or the battery in their electronic devices to search for it, in the hour of the greatest need.If you understand the basic architecture of Connaught Place, then you don't need anyone else to help you with this.Connaught Place is divided into three circles - namely, Inner Circle, Middle Circle, and Outer Circle - having Central Park at the center. The Inner Circle has A to F blocks and Outer Circle has G to N blocks. Kindly, do note that there is no I and J block in Connaught Place due to its similarity with the numbers 1 and 7 respectively.There are so many diagrams available on the internet showcasing how the bird's eye view of Connaught Place looks like. But, the problem is most of them are cumbersome. So, I have made a simple diagram ignoring all the buildings, garden, parking lots and all. So, to make it easy for you to understand where are the different blocks in Connaught Place. You can see it yourself. Also Read: Kanatal | A Hidden Gem of Uttarakhand
Vidhi Bubna
I went to explore Connaught Place after this. It took me around 30 minutes to reach Cp. Having a time frame in which I was going to explore Delhi, I just had a single day. A mere 24 hours to take in the light and vibe of the city till I had to leave back for another destination yet again. Much like the city itself, I too began moving fast. The metro life was getting to me. I went to CP and walked around. I didn't really want to shop a lot so I went to a cafe and explored it. I went to Moonlight Cafe in CP and ate there. The vibe was really good and there was music. This was also more quiet than Informal, a cafe nearby and made me feel more comfortable. It wasn't surrounded by teenagers who were screaming and dancing to music. Yes, that is more Delhi (loud and teenager like), but every city is what you want it to be depending on where you choose to go in it.
Ashish Koul
3. CANNAUGHT PLACE ( Metro - RAJIV CHOWK // Visit Any Time -Preferably Evening // Shopping Hub and Youngsters' HUB // Go Shopping , Eateries All Around //Autos Available// People Dancing, Singing// Tourists // Bars // CLUBS //Night life// Safe // Modern// Huge Area ) Tip : Nearby Cannaught place is - i. Palika Market (Various Entry Gates // Sasti Shopping// Chothing// Shoes//Accessories//Tattoos//Cheap Electronics)ii. Jantar Mantar (Clean & Worth a Visit )iii. Charkha/ Khadi Museum ( See Khadi Cloth Making Technique and Charkha )iv. Madame Tussades ( Famous Wax Statue Gallery)v. Central Park (Just a Small Park To Sit and Have a Short Rest While Exploring// See The Tall & Glorious INDIAN Flag )Just relax and stroll around the area to find there spots in CP.4. JANTAR MANTAR (Right adjacent to Cannaught place) Just walk for 5 Minutes to find the entry gate.
After roaming in Janpath market, I visited this connaught place. Most beautiful place for shopping, even the place is very clean and i felt like as if am in some offbeat french town. In the middle of connaught there is this breathtaking visual of our tricolor flag, I felt that visual was the best thing in my visit.
Muskan Abbi
1. The Strolling Adventures of Connaught Place!If you and your partner are more of crowdy commercial animals, then a sauntering walk at Connaught Place is what you need-a-do! With a variety of food and booze options, along with Palika bazaar to lay eyes on, the colonial white ambience of Connaught place is perfect to amble around motiveless. The buzzing commercial hub is also famous for its nightlife venues to spend a wild and romantic party night.