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Connaught Place

At the time of it being named, this circular market was the largest. The British were the ones to set this place up and they thought that the horse shoe shaped area would prove to be lucky for both sellers and buyers. The whole Connaught area is divided into two parts. The inner and most important part is where most of the shops are located and the blocks A to F are also a part of this. Most of the high end and foreign brands have at least one outlet in this area. Apt from just brands, local shops, designers, tailors, boutiques, restaurants and cafes also form an important part of this area.
Saloni Goyal
Connaught placeAlthough this visit to CP was not a planned one but one can spend a plenty of good time there.
Saloni Goyal
Connaught Place
Divya Chandrashekhar
Our last food destination was Farzi Cafe a modern Indian bistro with its classy decor giving a modern twist to our classical Indian dishes.Menu is simply mind blowing with graffiti quotes which catches one attention.What stood out is the contemporary presentation is definitely one of the best food escapade at Connaught place.
Prateek Dham
4. Participate in Raahgiri in Connaught Place on Sundays
Prateek Dham

1. Saturday 10 am
mridu sharma
Every Delhiites' favourite!
Aabdika Sharma
Numerous shops , several eateries, Connaught Place is a must for all those who want to shop in Delhi.
Riyanka Roy
Vishal Kapur
Its Sunday morning and how come a true cyclist can miss Raahgiri... It was full of fun.People were enjoying a lot at Raahgiri. It was just like a fair where people were happy enjoying. Really lively and lovely. RaahgiriDay is a weekly street event which provides citizens with the opportunity to reclaim their streets, connect with their community, celebrate their city and therefore reclaim their lives.