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Daulat ki Chaat

@diti $rivastava
2)Daulat Ki Chaat: Wow thingh . Its sweet dish but I bet you never taste anything like this before. When you eat, it will melt in mouth and you feel it... One of the Unique thing which You will only find in Old Delhi...
Harjot Khaneja
With an exhilarated spirit I continued exploring the definite other don’t miss out places of old delhi & while swarming the chawari bazaar streets with heady aromas all around i finally got a chance to try a piece of heaven “ Daulat Ki Chat “ that is precisely available only in old delhi .
A magical soufflé-like dessert available only in the winter months, it is one of the gems that makes Chandni Chowk so special. This sweetened foam of cold churned milk is left to set in the morning dew, and then served with ‘karara’. Try any of the hawkers scattered across the area in this season.