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We arrived at New Delhi Railway Station. Since we didn't have anything else to do till 5.00 pm we explored The Dilli Haat.An amazing concept by the Tourism Board of India and thanks to DTDC. It is more of a permanent market place where you find footwears, silk and wool fabrics, beads, shawls and food. You find cuisines​ from all over India trust me every state has something to offer here. We decided to have lunch at the Wazwan by Kashmir.The food here had a lot to offer exceeded our expectations for sure and the quantity was sufficient enough, value for money. We made a move towards the Old Delhi Railway Station for our next train to Kathgodam. Only to realise the train was an hour and a half late. Nothing to complain about we packed our bags with a lot of snacks because we knew we wouldn't get much to eat on our way and at the mountains. I suggest you do the same.The train arrived and the journey begun. The train was already late then the usual time so we arrived pretty late at Kathgodam station The day had already ended by then. 
The Great Indian Food Festival took place at Delhi Haat, Pitampura on 23rd & 24th January 2016. There were different food stalls of street foods from different parts of India. Both delicious veg & non veg foods from Delhi, Amritsar, Uttarakhand, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Rajasthan and other various cities of India were available on the festival. Few unique food concepts were also available there. Foods like Mughalai, Punjabi, Sindhi, Hyderabadi & Bengali foods we available. Many people across Delhi had arrived to enjoy the different aromas of variety of foods. I too enjoyed a lot.VEG FOODS: Daulat Ki Chat
Avinash Singh
The beauty of Delhi HaatDelhi Haat is a shopping area near INA metro station New Delhi. Reaching there is pretty easy. Board nearest Delhi metro and INA metro station is on the yellow line of the metro route.We were lucky to be present at the Haat in summers when a Mango Mela (Mango Fair) was being organized. We got to taste delicious mangoes from across the country.The specialty of the market is the cultural showcase from different parts of the country. Be it Rajasthan or Bengal or whatever place in India. The place has very artistic hand crafted items for sale. There are food junctions from different states of India, to tickle the taste buds of the foodies with specialties of their respective place.The place is suitable for :1. Pre-wedding photo-shoots.2. One day outings/shopping.Bring a pocket full of cash here because if you are a shopping freak, the place is totally irresistible.
Sandeep Raturi
Sandeep Raturi
Dilli Haat is an open-air food plaza and cradia, and from a variety of cultural traditions of India.Unlike the traditional weekly market, the village Haat, Dilli Haat is permanent.DILLI HAAT is located in the commercial centers of South Delhi, opposite INA market. The 6 acres of land on which this complex is situated was salvaged as part of a reclamation project and transformed into a plaza. Extensive foundation work, small thatched roof cottages and kiosks give the plaza a village atmosphere.Some shops are permanent but other sellers are rotated, usually for fifteen days. Products offered may include rosewood and sandalwood carvings, embellished camel hide footwear, sophisticated fabric and drapery, gems, beads, brassware, metal crafts, and silk and wool fabrics. A number of shows promoting handicrafts and handlooms are held at the exhibition hall in the complex. To sell wares, there is an application process and spaces are allocated according to which state the seller is from. In all, Dilli Haat, INA Market has 62 stalls allotted on a rotational basis to craftsmen a payment of INR 100 per day for a maximum period of 15 Days.I have also made a video on this place. So here's I am attaching the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU8LjCap_M8 .Now follow me on YouTube :)
Prateek Dham
8. Maharashtra Food Stall
Muktadhara Ray
Shopper's Paradise
Rohan Mudaliar
We landed in delhi after manali with a day to spare. So dilli haat was one of the places suggested to us.The place has food and crafts from many states of India. Though the food is good,id say it is over priced
Nancy Nance
It provides the ambiance of a traditional rural village. It is an open air food plaza which offers mouth watering dishes of different states of India. The place also offers different types of handicrafts.
Every Delhi guide will tell you that Dilli Haat warrants a visit. Think of it as a showcase of the states of India. Craftsmen selling local goods and produce, and food from everywhere {which includes momos from Sikkim, Bamboo hot chicken from Nagaland, Kahwa from Jammu and Gujarati Dhokla}. The good news is, you’ll manage a full meal in under the 480 rupees you’ll have left after the entry ticket, but shopping might just be a problem. Unless all you want is a pair of jootis, or a keychain. Where: Dilli Haat, West Kidwai Nagar, Opposite INA Market Price: INR 20/ticket and INR 350/person for a meal {approx}
Nikita Gothi
Its the best place to experience a slice of life of the people of Delhi. The Dilli Haat at INA remains as one of the most popular places for shopping for Indian Handicrafts (at competitive prices as they are directly sold by the artistes). The atmosphere is very vibrant and you can get a taste of food delicacies from across the country. Do note that there is construction work underway due to which a small part of the complex is closed. You can face mild inconvenience.