GT Karnal Road
Length of Highway (in Kms) : 120* KmsStart & End Point : Delhi to KarnalRoute : Delhi >> Sonipat >> Murthal >> Samalkha >> KarnalIts a pleasure to drive on this 8 Lane highway. This road starts from Mukarba Chowk and continues till Karnal. After karnal the road gets different to many highways and also become conjusted. This road goes throuh the place of Dhabas which is Murthal. You have Haveli on route and the famous Amrik Sukhdev dhaba for their famous paranthas and quality of service. You also have amusement parks and water parks on the way.So, these were few roadtrip plans from my side for coming year. You can also tell me about your plans or share experience if you have about these routes which I mentioned above.Source:
S S (Saurabh Sabikhi)
The torturous heat of Delhi coupled with the passion to ride made us find an escapade to a place where the Gods reside – Spiti Valley. Its ancient name ‘Dev Bhumi’, meaning ‘Land of Gods’ is no misnomer. The grandeur of the towering peaks, glaciers and vast valleys is so breathtaking that it was considered the abode of the Gods in ancient India. One can read and talk endlessly about this marvel but the only way one can actually feel it is by being there. I took leave from office for a minimum of 2 weeks and asked others to do so because I’ve always believed in the journey being bigger than the destination and wanted to enjoy every inch covered rather than hustling and rushing towards the destination. Our plan was to enter Spiti Valley via Manali and exit via Kinnaur. Moreover we wanted to enter Manali from the Simla-Theog-Jhalori Pass route instead of the Chandigarh-Ropar-Blilaspur-Mandi route as we had never seen the former earlier. So 5 of us, namely – Manu, Binay, Aman, Amarinder (Ammy) and I met at G. T. Karnal Road at 5 a.m. on the 14th of July and started rolling.