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Indira Gandhi International Airport T3

Akshay Anand
We were coming from Pune and as per our itinerary we had to reach Delhi Airport on 29th July by 6 a.m. Yes we were going via flight and not bike (All thanks to our IT organization for not allowing us to take more leaves).So we boarded our flight from Delhi and trust me, i didn't get such a great feeling in my life till now. After all we were going to LADAKH..!!At 10.30 a.m. we reached Leh Airport and wow, we were very far from that polluted and over crowded place we were coming from.The driver was already at the airport to pick us and we reached our hotel (HOTEL ROYAL PALACE) within 20 minutes. The hotel was at a walking distance form the Leh Market.After having our breakfast we were advised to take rest and get acclimatize to Leh weather as its almost 5 times above the sea level as compared to delhi.NOTE: This is very important for everyone otherwise you will get severe headache and you'll end up ruining your entire trip.
Mahima Agarwal
Shopping at the Delhi airport is not only a great way to pass time but also a profitable one because hello, amazing duty-free deals! But who wants the hassle of carrying extra luggage on the flight? Well, next time, go crazy because there's a Shop and Collect facility which will take care of all your new goods until your return: for free!
Ajit Sharma
Flight from Delhi to Pune takes around 2 hours and much cheaper. I stayed at my friends place, however hotel prices slash during peak monsoon.
I reached the airport before 3 AM, as I wanted to have some time at the airport for my ritual (I had made for myself) - buying a token from the airport. For every airport I would visit here onward, I will buy a token of that place and will add my own collection. Contrary to my expectation that I would have enough time at the airport, there was a long queue waiting for me! (you know why I had to stand in the long queue for security check - get your luggage scanned & then get your shoes scanned). And I entered the gate just 3 minutes before the closing time. But, I still managed to buy a token. In just 2 minutes, selected, paid, and then I just ran towards the gate.The first flying experience was just magnificent - when the plane took off, I felt a distinct joy! the sun above clouds looked sublime. I could not possibly describe how beautiful it looked. I just kept looking at it till it was not visible anymore. There was something else that I experienced - not something very pleasant, though - I felt there was a sudden blockage in my ears and it seriously hurt a lot.
Eeshat Tiwary
While I waited in line at the boarding gate in the Delhi domestic airport, a billboard above read ‘You are in the world’s Number 1 airport’, and had an unidentifiable logo with a golden trophy beside it. Having waited for fifteen minutes past schedule and no one around to acknowledge the unwarranted delay, this billboard hardly knew what it was talking about. Skytrax’s annual survey in particular was in complete disagreement. With a participation count of around 13.73 million air travellers across over a hundred different nationalities, the survey is considered to be the longest annual global customer satisfaction survey. According to the 2017 statistics, the top four airports were Singapore Changi, Incheon, Tokyo Haned, and Hong Kong. India’s airports were nowhere near this south east Asian monopoly. An Indigo employee finally decided to identify himself and walked into a tirade of questioning by my fellow travellers. With such orchestrated chaos, it only seemed fair that Delhi enjoy its humble sixty-sixth position.
Luckily the flight(Spice Jet 😛)was on time and the beginning was perfect. Reached the Delhi airport by 9.30 am and had a good complete 7-8 hrs to spend until the next flight. Had already googled a lot many things to quickly do in delhi nearby aiport in a short time.          Me and my friend Swati quickly headed towards the bus stop from where you can get a bus service from airport to Aerocity metro station(nearest). We boarded the bus and within 10mins it dropped us at the metro station in just 30/- per head.