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Kashmiri Gate ISBT

RD Prajapati
Let's think that you are in Old Delhi and you have four to five hours! There are four to five hours in your train time, what will you do? There are two things, either you sit at the station, drink tea, read the newspaper magazine, pass the time or play the game in the mobile! Wi-Fi of free will update all the apps on your phone and run the Net! But if you want to see something in this "spare time", if you want to see the history of Delhi, then there is a lot about the Kashmiri Gate bus stand and the metro station, which you can see from the memories of 1857 to 1947 Will refresh! Would you like to walk? Moving with the "awry" guy like me, you will get an angry temper, where did you bring it, but when you get there, you assure you that you will not be disappointed! Then they get out of the Kashmiri gate metro station and see where they can go! I am moving to the base metro station here and writing the story on the basis of that:Kashmiri gate (Kashmiri gate):The nearest Kashmiri gate is! As soon as you come out of the Metro station, the gate number 1 is outside Ritz Cinema Hall, there is Kashmiri gate in front of it! There is a big confusion, written on a written stone that it was built by Shah Jahan while data available on the internet says that it was built by the British engineer Robert Smith in 1835 AD! To besiege Delhi with walls, it has four gates, in which Kashmiri Gate was constructed in the north and because it was the road leading to Kashmir, hence its name was "Kashmiri Gate"! The construction work was going on, so I did not let in and pulled the photo from the outside! The Kashmiri Gate was used to stop the agitators in the movement of the city in 1857, and slowly the place was vacant by the British and made their place in the civil lines. Civil line will also run!James Church (James Church):Moving forward from Kashmiri Gate, this is Lutian Road! When you come out of the metro, you have to cross the road to go to Kashmiri Gate and now you have to cross the road again to visit James Church! Kashmiri gate is straight on hand while the church is on the left hand! I went on Saturday, March 18, 2017! The afternoon will be around 3 o'clock, cleanliness was being done in and around the whole church, the watchman started refusing to go inside! The request only allowed me to go in on the condition that I will not enter the church, no matter what I have to worship! They will get a church tomorrow, Sunday is not tomorrow!St. James's Church is also called "Skinner Church", which was built by Colonel James Skinner in 1836 AD! In this church, the Viceroy of India continued to come until the second church was built in 1922 in Raakabganj! Behind the church there is also the tomb of Delhi's Commissioner William Fraser. The cross and copper balls at the top of this church are like the Church of Venice, although they were demolished in 1857 but again arranged in that form! Good place, worth looking for a while!Nicholson Cemetery (Nicholson Committee):I was bothered to find this place, so do not want you to be upset like me! In two of three ways you can get here without any hassles, without asking anything! First of all, if you get out of the metro station, get out from gate number -1 but get out of gate no. 4! As soon as you get out, walk four steps and have Nicholson cemetery on hand! Cemetery means cemetery! Will you say I'm crazy? Why did the graveyard go? Aghori or Tantric did not happen :-)! The second way is to reach the "Oberoi Apartment", painting on foot pedestrians, behind it is the graveyard! And yes, if you need to ask someone, do not ask cemetery, ask the Christian graveyard! Walking in front of the ISBT bus stand, there is a bus stand of 883 on the left hand side here! Told, you can go to mind, there will be no problem! Now, they talk about its history and talk about their history, their power, their courage, which has fallen into chaunidra!Like I have reached the gate of Nicholson Cemetery! When the gate was opened slowly, a woman and a girl were washing clothes on the front of the official tap! I sat on the cement chairs made under an umbrella on the left! Chairs will not say them? Even at the park, there are also at the railway station! I do not know other names, if you know, then tell me, I am just a chair for now! So I sat there and started cleaning my camera! Photos of Jaisalmer and Murray were still up to date! A man came out of the car after standing two sip of water, nothing came, neither did he! Soya must have been! If you start taking photographs with a camera then one of them speaks of a woman - you can not take photos here! Refuse, see the board! The ban was rejected on the board! I said then how come photos on the net? Bid - They pull the English, they are allowed to take photos! Wow ! Country can mine, land mine and English photo can not be taken! Like that said and walked! Do not go ahead - forbidden! Yes, not just going around here! Let's move forward! Now you stop showing! Today I will introduce Nicholson's soul to your soul! Although such a problem did not come and He got his work done in my work! Your work means taking photographs! A gardener and a man got ahead! Just two people in such a big graveyard! One of them even came to meet the soul of his ancestors!General John Nicholson was killed in 1857 at the age of 35! In memory of this, the graveyard was built where the upper side is the grave of the British people and down to Hindustani Christians! There is a lot written on those graves above, such as a love message, date of birth, date of death! Some small children also have graves that give them emotional! Above is the grave of an Indian Christian who is Yasudas Ramchandra who was a professor of mathematics at Delhi College! The eyes are filled with the messages written on these graves, but the different forms given to these tombs are very attractive! The graves of Indian Christians are mostly in one form, the rectangular piece of a black marble has been written by cement! It was surprising to see a dog or perhaps a sheep grave, but he was very far away and in the unexplored bush on the way, so only he could take the photo, I do not know much about him!So ready? To go to this haunted place !!
Albana Nadeem
I am walking straight to the departure because traveling from Kashmiri Gate is a real pain. A very hectic evening, rushing towards ISBT straight from Office, no idea of ISBT too as I often travel from Anand Vihar ISBT so literally clueless and yasss the most important thing, I was Travelling Solo for the First Time in my life. Having all the heavy bass drum beating inside my guts, should I go or shouldn't? You can feel that drum beats tinkling inside you before sitting on the bus, but once you settled down all the fear fades away.Thankfully I am used to the bus rush. I was roaming, searching for my bus and by my great luck off course, the bus was late and yes with a different number plate too, yes the one I booked has the different number plate and the actual bus has different. Thanks, Red Bus!!After all the dramatic jab we met train scene going in my mind ( Filmy AF), i finally got my bus, i settled down there with a sigh of relief. Hell Yeah!! I made it, i took this solo trip, as being an extreme repel-human sort of creature, i keep a very minimum interaction with sapiens and solo trip was a self discovering thing because i want to know something, some questions need to be answered, if wandering is my only love of the life or whether i am like everybody else? A lot lost, A little caught up.The journey has started and I am a happy kid so I cannot sleep bcuz continuous background thoughts, music, scenes and my habit of peeping out from window no matter if it is dark or bright outside. I cannot sleep while traveling unless it's a die or sleep situation ;)
Day 1: We started our trip around 8:30 pm From I.S.B.T . I was expected to grab the last seat to sleep as I always do that because nobody will take the seat for a long journey of ordinary busses and that’s why i always choose to travel in non-peak time so that I can avoid rush. But this time case was different. Bus was completely full, I don’t know why and I was like “Lag gai is baar” and both the seniors were laughing at me and saying not every time is a good time and I replied sarcastically “Yeah I know”. And our journey starts there. As our journey starts so as the rain and I was really excited this time I am going to trek in rainy season as I always want to do so. I believe in facing and experiencing every type situation while travelling, so I always try to do something which is outside of my comfort zone.(Cost Details: {Delhi – Gopeshwar= Rs 680 each})
The bus started from Kashmiri Gate around 9.30 pm. Camera and few extra clothes in my bag-pack. Excited, scared as it was going to be my first solo trek.I've loved mountains as long as I can remember. Something about it's serenity and the very air has drawn me to it again and again like thousand others searching to loose, or find oneself. I've decided Triund, as it is preferable for beginners. It was 2009 that I've been to McLeod Ganj first and ever since I always wanted to go there again.
Pallavi Navale
And there started our adventure, right then. The buses to Chandigarh were plying after 5.30-6 in the morning from ISBT, and we boarded a local one at around 7. And when i say local, i mean LOCAL. Cramped up seats, our big fat bags on our backs and some little bags in our hands, we thought we could handle a little bus ride. Boy, were we wrong! In what could only be described best as being fried like popcorn, we struggled and reached Zirakpur somehow.