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Maharishi Transcendental Meditation Centre

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation, DelhiThe Path: TM does not necessarily enforce lifestyle restrictions. A 20-minute method of meditation that is said to have incredible powers. It is taught only by highly-trained teachers.The Starting Point: With millions of followers including Hollywood celebrities, nobel laureates and corporate leaders, TM is one of the most widely known spiritual practices. With more than a hundred centres across the world and in India, it is still headquartered in Delhi. The basic programme teaches you to quieten the conscious mind, reach a state of restful alertness, a state that is so relaxing that it’s twice as deep as the deepest sleep. A four day seminar with two-hour sessions each day teaches you the basics of TM.The Destination: Twenty minutes of daily practice gives you improved sleep, memory, focus, problem solving skills, self confidence and creativity.