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Priya Pareek
The national capital is all set to host its first ever monsoon festival and the event will be held in at Mehrauli’s Jahaz Mahal, which makes it even more special.While the festival will allow Delhiites to enjoy the rains and cool breeze of much-awaited monsoon, it will promote Mehrauli as a tourist destination.
RD Prajapati
तो हाजिर हो सब ? इतिहास की क्लास शुरू करी जाए ? बच्चो , इस बार क्लास लगाने में थोड़ा विलम्ब हुआ क्योंकि इस बीच आपके गुरु जी , मतलब मैं जयपुर और जैसलमेर की यात्रा पर निकल गया था ! आगे की क्लास का मैटर भी तो तैयार करना होता है ! है कि नहीं ? तो वापस चलते हैं , महरौली के ऐतिहासिक अर्किलिजीओकल पार्क में ! अब तक हम बलबन के मक़बरे और जमाली -कमाली की मस्जिद के बारे में पढ़ चुके हैं ! मस्जिद से बाहर आकर ऊँट की तरह मुंह उठाकर खड़े हो जाओ और चारों तरफ घूम जाओ , देखो कहीं कुछ रह तो नहीं गया ? आपको एक गोल गोल सी संरचना और उसके पास एक छोटा महल सा दिखाई देगा ! ये जो छोटा सा महल है ये क़ुली खान का मक़बरा है या ये कह लें कि मेटकॉफ का "आराम घर " है ! अब ये क़ुली खान कौन था ? यहां क्यों आया ? और ये मेटकॉफ कौन था , यहां भारत में क्या बेचने आया था :-) आइये थोड़ा इतिहास में चलते हैं :
RD Prajapati
After smelling the deodorant of the bavali and the front cemetery of the kings further proceeded towards the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, through the forest, the path is made! Next two groups of two boys and girls were going on and I was alone! In the broken broken pages of history, the interest of these young people was weighed down while walking! They really are interested in history? Or opportunities are looking for an opportunity, these people, to let your feelings flow freely! Well, whatever!Good made and well-groomed park! A lot of people will get roamed, some models of passionate people also raise the eyesight of others in their eyes in front of large cameras! It starts from a deep well, which is probably called Jahangir's well! This is followed by the use of Metkoff, which is yet to be printed and almost everybody is standing with it, and a photo is being done! More about Metkoff will come in the next post! Get out of here and now directly move towards the ruins of the Balkan Tomb! Balban means Ghasasuddin Balban, ruler of Delhi of the Ghulam dynasty from 1266 to 1287 AD. Balban has been a reputable Sultan of the Ghulam dynasty! These Khanders, who are the founders of this prestigious ruler, were found in the middle of the 19th century, which has become the place to look for us today!In these ruins you find the tomb of Balban, the tomb of his son Khan Shaheed (whose real name is Muhammad), and some of the Khandahar houses of that time! Khan Shaheed was martyred in Multan in 1285 AD while fighting with Mongols whose tombs were built here! If you read the history of Balban then you will find it very interesting, how this Bolban was made captive by Mongols and it was taken by Ghazni and sold to Basra's Khwaja Jamaluddin! Khwaja Jamaluddin came to Delhi with him and then Iltutmish bought him after the victory of Gwalior! And happy with his abilities, he made him "MP"! As a result of his devotion and service, he continued to make progress, even Sultan joined him in the party of Chelgani. In Razia's reign, he was appointed to the post of hunting. Bahram provided him the areas of Rewadi and Hansi.In 1245 AD, giving evidence of their strategic virtues by taking iron from Mongols. When Nasiruddin Mehmood became a throne in the coming year, he placed Balban as Chief Minister's post. For 20 years, he has taken this responsibility in the best possible way. During this period, complex problems were presented to him and he had to humiliate on one occasion, but he neither left the courage nor determined resolutions. He continues in the direction of continuous progress. In 1246 AD, the oppression of the Hindu landowners of Dube was suppressed. After that, the people of Kalinjar and Kadam got their rights. In succession, in the year 1249, Sultan married his daughter with him and gave him the title of Nibl Sultan. In 1252 AD, he campaigned on Gwalior, Chanderi and Malwa. Due to jealousy and hatred of the rivals, he was deputed for one year but seeing the governance system deteriorating, Sultan was constrained and restored it. After reinstatement, he tried to control the upright wealthy. In 1255 AD, Sultan's stepfather pressed the rebellion of the Kutug Khan. In 1257 AD, the Mongol invasion prevented In 1259 AD, the area was destroyed by the rebels.After the death of Nasiruddin Mehmood, Balban took the crown without any opposition. He ruled for 20 years. In the form of Sultan, he introduced the wisdom, efficiency and morality that the historians have praised him. He molded the system into a new mold and tried to make it basically temporal. He used to respect Muslim scholars but did not let them interfere in government affairs. His justice was without partiality and his punishment was extremely harsh, that is why his governance system is addressed as a system of iron blood. Actually this kind of arrangement was needed at this time.In order to prevent the invasion of Mongols, Balban built strong fortifications in the marginal area and appointed courageous warriors in these forts. He terrorized Mewat, Doab and Qatahar rebels. When Tugalil declared independence in Bengal, then the Sultan himself came there and mercilessly suppressed this rebellion. His policy of expanding the empire was not, on the contrary, his unshakable belief was in the organization of the empire. In order to fulfill this objective, he kept the Umrao class under his control and made the position and reputation of the Sultan. He said that "Sultan's heart is a special fund of divine compassion, because of that his existence is unique." He started the system of Sijda and Pybos. His personality was so impressive that the people used to become naive after seeing him. His fear was very broad. He also reformed the army, removed the weak and old army generals and replaced them with heroes and courageous soldiers. He was the custodian of the Ottoman caste monopoly, so he removed the Atikk people from high positions. By achieving celebrity and achievement, he passed away between 1287 AD and Paralok Sidhara. The court of Balban was a Persian poet Amir Khusro and Amir Hasan! Nasiruddin Mehmood gave the title of Ulug Khan to Balban! Baban started the Persian festival Navroz! Sijda and Pabos. There was a kind of respecting system in which Lultan was given a respect by lying down and he loved the crown and the feet of Sultan! Ballan succeeded in protecting Delhi from the invasion of Mongols and finally destroyed the Turkan A Chahalgami, which was created by Eltutmis!For those who are not interested in history, it is difficult to handle such a post, I know! but let ? How many people show courage:
Nitesh Anand Rai
September1. Phoolo Walon ki Sair (Night Ride)Phool Walon Ki Sair meaning "procession of the florists" is an annual celebration by the flowers sellers of Delhi. It is a week long festival and a unique phenomena when Hindus and Muslims together offer the floral chaadar and pankha at the Dargah of Khwaja Bakhtiar 'Kaaki' in Mehrauli and floral pankha and chhatra (canopy) is offered at the ancient temple of Devi Yogmaya, also, in Mehrauli. The pankha has become a symbol of communal harmony and national integration. The Festival is being being celebrated since the Mughal period (1812).
Prateek Dham
15. Pray at the St. John’s Church in Mehrauli