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Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Muskan Abbi
If you and your date are deeply enthusiastic about the history and meaningful talks, then Mehrauli Archaeological Park is definitely not to be missed! Being one of the most history packed places in Delhi, Mehrauli Archaeological Park will surely reveal some very entertaining and fun historical facts along with unravelling the interests of your date! So, get your inquisitive spirits out and flaunt your first date impression here!7. The chilled out date at Ice Lounge, Saket
Kundan Kumar
As soon as we entered the archaeological park we saw a beautiful rose garden with a variety of roses. After the rose garden, we moved to Jamali Kamali tomb, an example of Indo Islamic architecture. The mosque has a big courtyard and Vazu tank and a big courtyard in the mosque complex. There are several knowns and unknown Baoli inside the complex and some interesting stories attached to them. You can ask the security guards or some locals over their for more details, or you can hire a guide from some agency.
Nitesh Anand Rai
2. Mehrauli Archaeological ParkMehrauli Archaeological Park is an archaeological area spread over 200 acre in Mehrauli, Delhi, adjacent to Qutub Minar World Heritage site and the Qutb complex. It consists of over 100 historically significant monuments. It is the only area in Delhi known for 1,000 years of continuous years of occupation, and includes the ruins of Lal Kot built by Tomar Rajputs in 1060 CE, making it the oldest extant fort of Delhi, and architectural relics of subsequent period, rule of Khalji dynasty, Tughlaq dynasty, Lodhi dynasty of Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire, and the British Raj.