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Old Delhi Railway Station

Aprajita Parkash
Growing up, and experiencing life.. Life gave me my first trip without parents to the Jim Corbett National Park in October'12.Not by road, but the journey started by train and the adventure began even before entering in the train. The train, Corbett Park Link Express, departs from Old Delhi Railway Station at 22.30 every night with a arrival at Ramnagar 4.50, which was running fast and we reached Ramnagar at 4.30 AM. This was just the beginning...Oops, missed out the train adventure. So we were 5 traveling along, me, my sister, two of my female cousins and a male cousin but the tickets we had confirmed were only 4 and all scattered. Just as we realized that the fun was going to be delayed, a boon happened. A big group travelling together, themselves made us use the complete compartment, we pulled down the curtains and even the second AC coach, we had our own very private cabin- lights off and the torches on- we start gigs and giggles, games and snacks following a quick nap awaiting the early morning arrival.In the beauty of the dawn sky, we stepped down at the Ramnagar station which stands to be at distance of around 15 kms. It was a pick-up from here which was arranged by the resort. The drive started, initially a town, all sleeping in the early morning hour which gradually dived into the woods. We see the sky touching trees, the dense greenery and many boards around- warning and scaring us of having a wild cat around who would surely not welcome an unknown guest to his den. Tired sitting next to the window, I see the sky changing from black to blue, lighter to the hues of orange and yellows and a bright morning ahead.
Our train started at routine time i.e. 15:30 from Old Delhi station and we reached at Sabarmati Junction on the scheduled time, Sabarmati Junction is a station, which is just 15 min before the Ahemdabad Juntion. It's the same station which was shown in the movie "Kai Po Che", with the name "Ahemdabad Juntion". We stayed at my friend's home and he served us different type of Gujarati's dishes and they are superb.After filling our empty stomach and having some rest we were ready to explore the Ahemdabad city. And we started from "Dandi Kutir".
Coming next day, in district of Sonipat, Haryana riots are to begin. Colleges are locked down and judging from the previous instances NH 1 the only exit to towns either side (Delhi/Panipat) would be blocked for how long, no one knows. College sends emergency emeail stating that it is going to be shut for the rest of the week. 5 flatmates decide to take this lemon and make lemonade of it. Within 15 minutes of mail, bags were packed and march to ATM began. Destination was still unknown. Out of blue, midway exploring our options we decided to circuit Rajasthan. Within next 5 minutes tickets were booked. 9:30 PM. Old Delhi