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Climbing up to the top of the tower is a tedious job but the view from there is extra ordinary. This serves as the main interest of most of the tourists. The Iron Tower situated nearby is one of the Metallurgical wonders in the Indian History. There are 379 steps in total to reach the top of Qutub Minar.
Rs 10 for Indians.Rs 250 for tourists
All year
Families, Couples, Friends
5 out of 370 attractions in New Delhi

Qutub Minar

This beautiful monument in the Mehrauli area of New Delhi was built in the 12th century by Emperor Qutub- Ud- Din- Aibak and was finally completed by his son-in-law, Iltutmish, who succeeded him. The monument is made up of 5 levels with projecting balconies on each level. The specialty of the monument is that each level is different from the others in terms of size and designs. This is what makes it even more spectacular. The verses from the Holy Koran of the Muslims are carved on the walls of the monument and the lattice work is remarkable too. The controversy surrounding this monument says that this was originally a Hindu monument, built much before the 12th century. It is also said that Aibak only renovated it by replacing the Hindu Stone designs with Islamic ones. Till now one side of the monument walls have Hindu designs on them and the outer part is adorned with ornamental Islamic designs. The monument has been damaged by natural forces and calamities many a times but has been repaired again and again. This is the reason why it stands strong even after so long.
Hijas A R
The Qutub Minar, also spelled as Qutab Minar, or Qutb Minar, is the second tallest minaret in the world made up of bricks.
We reached Qutub Minar station by 2pm and we had to take an auto rickshaw till the tourist spot. The sun was bright and I was feeling down and down, tired, tensed too because we had to get back to airport by 4pm too. We roamed inside the Qutub Minar park and clicked pictures. Quickly we came out and had light snacks and booked an Ola cab to airport & didn't try metro again as we had very less time in hand. Finally we were there in airport by 3.30pm.
Nearest Metro Station:Qutab Minar.Open: All days.Entry Fee: 30 (Indians), 500 (foreigners).Days Closed: None.
Rachael Pereira
Duration of the trip : 2 hours Cost of the entire trip : Rs 300 Entry fee for Indian citizens : Rs 30Entry fee for foreign citizens : Rs 500 Timings : 7 am to 5 pm. I was on an Official Trip to Delhi in the month of Feb. The climate was quite pleasant and I had been to Delhi for the very first time so I decided to convert my Work Visit into a Worktion. .Luckily one of the days I happened to finish all my meetings by lunch time and quickly rushed back to my hotel, grabbed a quick and tiny bite , changed and head out to explore the heritage sites of Delhi.I took a cab and head straight towards Qutub Complex.The Qutub complex is an ancient collection of monuments and buildings from the Delhi Sultanate. Since I hadn't really had lunch , I decided to have lunch. As I walked by the streets I came across a few hotels and cafés. I had my lunch at "The Qutub Restaurant". I had the nonveg Thali and Mint flavoured Chaas  , they specialise in north Indian food and kebabs. The lunch was really delicious and totally worth it. .Post Lunch I walked down to Qutub Complex , I noticed a long queue of people only to realise that I had to join one too to book my ticket inorder to enter. There is a luggage counter for tourists traveling with bagpack and heavy bags which is not only safe but also well organized. .About 30 mins later I found myself exploring a heritage site that I had always read about Only in my history textbooks.  The Complex was very clean and green , Beautifully designed and well maintained. As I walked by , my attention was caught by a board which was a simple Map of the entire place. I read it carefully and took a picture of it so it would be easy to navigate myself. I walked passed beautiful gardens and well planted trees , stone like structures and amazingly carved pillars. Wandered around the entire place , The Qutub Minar is a beautiful pillar like structure that simply mesmerises you with its tall and magnificent look. I was awestruck by the "Alai Darwaza " - the formal entrance to the mosque and the "Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque" . The mosque is one of the earliest extant mosques in India.  The complex also consisted of a few tombs including Alauddin Khalji', 'Adham Khan ' , the second sultan of Delhi - 'Iltutmish'. Finally I came across The Iron pillar of Delhi , a 23 feet tall victory column known for its high resistance to corrosion. Yet another monument I had only read about either in science or history and was looking forward to visiting since a long time. .Once I walked around the entire place which took approximately 2 Hours , Clicked a few pictures and spend quite sometime drowned in this places Charm , I decided to move out and grab something to drink because it had begun to get slightly hot. I stepped out of the complex and had some really energising Fresh line soda from one of the many carts that stand right outside the exit gate. It was already evening and I had to get back to my hotel , take a nap and prepare a few presentations for the next day so I booked an Ola and head back to my hotel immediately with beautiful memories after a lovely day well spent. .#Workation #ExplorewithRach
Sushma Neeraj
Yes, we visited a tourist spot in the layover time of our flight. Quickly, we took an airport bus and got down in Airport Metro station. Then we thought of hiring a cab, since we were 5 in people, none of the cabs allowed 5 members in one cab so we had to go with Metro only. But there was no direct Metro from Airport to Qutub Minar as their lanes were different. We had to go till Delhi Central and change the lane to catch a connecting Metro.That was my first ride in Indian Metro and that to in Delhi, was something exciting to me. We got seats and settled there till our destination. It took us almost more than 40 minutes to Delhi central. Then there was long queue for purchasing ticket to our next Metro. Somehow we managed to buy tickets and boarded our next Metro. That was bit crowded and we were in ladies compartment. We never felt lost because there were announcements and displays everywhere to see where we have reached.